Since January 2020 ETN has its registerd office at the Textile Centre Haslach / Austria. The constituent meeting on 6th February 2020 established the new board and advisory council.


The new team of ETN at the Textile Centre Haslach, February 2020 . From left to right: Beatrijs Sterk / DE, Elisabeth Brenner Remberg / SE, Lala de Dios / ES, Tim Parry-Williams GB, Christina Leitner /AT, Anna Mooren / DE, Andreas Selzer / AT, Marta Kowalewska / PL, Karin Altmann / AT, Paola RE / IT (not on the picture: Vibeke Vestby, NO)

ETN Team:

Christina Leitner
Member of the Board, chairwoman

Christina studied textile education, philosophy & psychology in Salzburg, textile art & design in Linz and museology in Graz. In her artistic work she specialised on paper textiles. She was involved in building up the Textile Centre Haslach, which she has headed as scientific director since 2012. She also teaches at the University Mozarteum Salzburg and at Kunstuniversität Linz. Since 2015 she board member of ETN.

Andreas Selzer
Member of the Board, secretary

Andreas graduated at the Textile School Spengergasse in Vienna and worked for many years as sales and production manager for several European textile companies. He was involved in building up the Textile Centre Haslach, which he now leads as director of economics and production. Since 2015 he is secretary of ETN.

Marta Kowalewska
Member of the Board, treasurer

Marta Kowalewska is an art historian and Chief Curator of the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź. She has curated the 16th International Tapestry Triennial and several other important exhibitions. She is member of international juries, co-editor of the book Weave Ideas and author of over 70 articles, critical texts and interviews on the pages of the professional press and in exhibition catalogues.

Elisabeth Brenner Remberg
Member of the Board

Elisabeth is a Swedish textile artist, designer, project manager, teacher and producer of tufted carpets; Textile studies at HFBK University of Fine Arts Hamburg Germany, worked in Sweden, The Netherlands, Germany and Swaziland, since 2009 board member of NTA (Nordic Textile Art), chairwoman and vice chair, since 2015 board member of ETN

Beatrijs Sterk
Member of the Advisory Council

Beatrijs got her textile art education in Holland and Finland. She is publisher and edited the Textile Forum magazine from 1982 to 2014. Beatrijs was initiator and Secretary General of the European Textile Network (1991 -2015) bringing together professionals from the field of art/design/craft, cultural heritage and education. She currently is publishing a blog

Vibeke Vestby
Member of the Advisory Council

Vibeke was  trained as weaving teacher, textile artist, computer programmer. She was teaching at Textile Teachers’ College and College of Art & Design in Oslo. Since 1990 she is working with Tronrud Engineering, developing the TC-1 and TC2, a computerised hand Jacquard loom. She is giving TC1 / TC2 workshops throughout USA, Asia and Europe.

Lala de Dios
Member of the Advisory Council

Lala is art historian, curator and lecturer specialising in textile art, design and craft. Current chairwoman of Asociación de Creadores Textiles de Madrid ACTM which she co-founded and chaired previously for 20 years and of Spanish National Arts&Crafts Organization since March 2019. Former ETN president (1997 - 2019). Cooperation projects in Africa and America. And always a proud weaver!

Karin Altmann
Member of the Advisory Council

Karin is an Austrian artist, academic and senior lecturer at the Department of Textile Arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. She has developed a series of transcultural projects with partners from Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Japan, Ghana and Mali in which theory and practise always relate to and deepen each other.

Tim Parry-Williams
Member of the Advisory Council

Tim is weaver, design-maker, artist, educator, writer, editor, curator, board member and consultant. Initially trained in the UK and Japan, work comprises a wide portfolio of independent and collaborative projects with designers, manufacturers, artisans and museums, publishing and presenting commercial, developmental, and collections work world-wide. He is now professor Professor of Arts: Textiles in Bergen, Norway.

Anna Mooren
Member of the Advisory Council

Anna is a textile designer who specializes in weaving. She studied in Hamburg on Armgartstraße and finished her master’s degree in Halle at Burg Giebichenstein in 2019. In between she took part in the Shuttle - Workshop at the Textile Center Haslach and developed woven designs for various companies. She recently became part of the Textile Centre in Haslach.