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The Network works in the spirit of solidarity. It is based on the interest of its members in establishing working contacts and actively taking part in an international exchange of information. All institutions, groups, non-corporate entities and individuals worldwide who have an interest in textiles are welcome as members.

ETN offers its members the following services:

> Information

As ETN member you will be updated with topical news and will have access to classified information on our website. In the home section of our website we publish relevant news on a day to day basis. Whilst some news we may share with all visitors of our website, other information is accessible by members only.
You will also have exclusive access to our database with important addresses of institutions and individuals in the field of textile culture in art, design, craft and cultural heritage, education etc.
Another exclusive feature is the calendar. Here you will be able to see all textile relevant events etc. set up in a timeline format.
The textile routes are yet another exclusive feature available to members only.

> Networking

Join the ETN community! Through our website you can get in contact with every other ETN member in more than 50 countries.

In our exclusive platform section, members may present themselves, their workshop or institution, their work … in word and picture not only to ETN members but to all visitors of our website. In our special bulletin board, members may advertise special sales, meetings, lost and found, job advertisements…

> ETN conferences and activities

The Network organizes biannual meetings which take place in different countries. The conferences have become important opportunities for those interested in textile culture to meet. Members have reduced fees on ETN conferences. Institutional members are entitled to sending two people to an ETN conference at reduced fees. Only ETN members are allowed to give lectures at the conferences’ network sessions. Ordinary General Assemblies will be held at each ETN conference. Each member has the right to vote at the General Assembly. Institutional members may name two members with a vote each at the General Assembly.

> ETN at the Textile Centre Haslach

With its new seat at the Textile Centre Haslach in Austria, ETN wants to welcome every member in Haslach and invites you to get in contact with us in case you need a place for meetings, want to immerse in our textile library or simply want to enjoy the Textile Centre with friends.

Application process

ETN welcomes all interested in the field of textile to become a member. Right now there are two types of membership, institutional and individual.

Institutions are, inter alia
  • Museums, libraries, archives etc.
  • Artist groups, craftspeople groups and designer groups
  • Universities, academies, high schools, adult education institutes and secondary/primary schools
  • Associations, interest groups made up of the above mentioned institutions, research institutes, design centres, galleries, specialised publishers, cultural tourist offices etc.
Individuals are, in particular
  • Artists, craftspeople and designers
  • Curators of exhibitions or museum collections
  • Organisers of conferences, symposia or competitions
  • Professors, lecturers, teachers or course instructors
  • Cultural administrators
  • Organisers of cultural journeys
  • Specialist writers or journalists
  • Scholars from a variety of specialist fields, such as reserchers…

To apply for a membership simply follow the link below. You will be redirected to an application form, which, after you have filled it in, will be sent to us for approval. After we have checked your data you will be sent an invoice with the membership fee. This fee entitles you to a membership for one calendar year. The fees are as follows:

Institutional membership EUR 111,--
Individual membership EUR 58,--
Student membership EUR 29,--

Once your payment will have been received you will be cleared for unlimited access to our website within the respective calendar year. For subsequent years the membership fee must be paid after you will have received your membership invoice by February. Membership may be terminated by giving notice by mail to no later than the 31st of January of each year, and will take effect from 1st February. In case you wish to terminate your membership during the respective year, your membership fee will not be refunded.
If notice is given later than 31st of January, membership will continue for another year. Please do not make any payment unless you receive an invoice from us. For more information please read our general terms.