XV International Triennial of Tapestry.
Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz, Poland. 09.05 - 30.10.2016.
With the triennial we open Galleries, the ETN website new section.
Michaela Swan. Australia. Selected for international open-air exhibition Art al Vent XIII. Gata de Gorgos, Alicante, Spain.
Life Bubbles, 2012. Tiziana Tateo, Italy. 110 x 178. Hand painted, free machine embroidered and quilted. Selected for the 9th Fiber Art International Biennale From Lausanne to Beijing.
They Want to Expand or Shrink, 2008-9. Heidrun Schimmel, Germany. The Box Project exhibition. Silk organza hand-stitched with cotton thread. Cotsen Collection, T-3105a-b. Photo by Bruce M. White © Lloyd Cotsen, 2016.
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Variations II, 2004. Cynthia Schira, USA. The Box Project exhibition. Cotsen Collection, T-2399a–j. Photo by Bruce M. White © Lloyd Cotsen, 2016
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