General information on the membership application


Subscription rules
Membership fees

What is the benefit of an ETN membership?

ETN members are interested in exchange of information and/or cooperation with European partners. As a member of the Network you will get in contact with like-minded colleagues in more than 50 countries, who are as open and hospitable as you are. You will receive the ETN Membership List with detailed profiles and a password for the online version.

Additionally you will receive and share up-to-date information on international events, projects and useful addresses, such as grant providers, cultural & educational institutes, institutions, companies and individuals from the fields of art, craft and industry
- edited in quarterly ETN Newsletters
- online on the ETN Calendar (by password)
- online on the ETN Database (by password)

ETN members are shaping the Network development themselves. They designate representatives of their choice and can take charge of functions in working groups and the board. To this purpose biannual Network assemblies are organized: these are also serving as meeting points of project participants and as platform for exchange of information.

You are welcome to join the European Textile Network!

Subscription rules

The membership fee is due for each calendar year and must be paid regularly at the beginning of each year. Membership may be terminated by giving notice no later than the 30th of September of each year, and will take effect from 1st January of the following year.
If notice is given later membership will continue for another year. Members joining during the course of a calendar year will be retroactively entitled to all information issued by the Network from the beginning of that year.
Please do not make payments until you receive confirmation of membership from us!

Membership fees

For institutions: Euro 111
Institutions, in this context, are juridical bodies or informal organizations (working groups, associations, federations; departments of colleges/academies, museums; institutes, service societes etc.)

Note: Not everybody will be able to convince their Association, College or Museum to become an ETN member. If this is the case in your institution we ask you to apply for an institutional membership, together with a colleague from your department. You and your colleague would then pay 2 x Euro 53.- (2 x Euro 58.-).
The ETN secretariat will confirm this "double membership": You will receive 2 membership cards both bearing the address of your institution; both of you will receive the Newsletter, 4 times a year as well as all the other services which your ETN membership provides. But this "double membership" can only be accepted if the payment is made in one amount of Euro 106.- (Euro 111.-)! In the General Assembly your Institution will have only one vote, as is written in the statutes, which can be observed by one of you.

For individuals: Euro 58

For supporters: Euro 217
Supporters are institutions or individuals who may belong or not belong the textile cultural field and who like to help financing the actions of the Network.

For gift membership: Euro 111.- for institutions resp. Euro 58.- for individuals
Such "membership" make sense as a gift for less financially strong institutions or individuals e. g. for friends, students, professionals in countries with acurrency problems (In the later case the Network's secretariat can help finding the most effective addresses).