These five thematic Routes are connecting locations and addressees from different European regions among each other. Viewing them in a comparative way will be made possible through these routes, also it would be easier to get in contact about special themes this way.

Stations with this sign are forming a special route to built heritage and sources of textile-technological development.
(Project, see Introduction / Time Table)
Landscapes, settlements, buildings or places of producion and trade, related to textiles through cultural history
Recurrent events
Impressive festivals, major textile-cultural events of a characteristic regional nature or of international importance
Textile heritage
Sites related to care of culture, collections of documents and objects, among them public administrations, organisations of professionals and groups of interest
Textile production
Contemporary cultural producers from the textile fields of art, craft and industry, related public and private organisations and groups of persons
Education & research
Educational and training institutes for young people and adults in the fields of textiles & clothing; research and development institutes
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