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Partners of the pilot project
Initial support
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Partners of the pilot project and following routes
/ Partenaires du projet-pilote et des routes suivantes/ Partner des Pilotprojekts und folgender Routen

The pilot project (1999-2001)

Organiser: ETN - European Textile Network, seat in Strasbourg
  Co-ordinator: ETN Secretariat/Ms Beatrijs Sterk, Hannover, e-mail: ETN@ETN-net.net
  1st co-organiser: NET Cultural Foundation/Mr Christian Grüßen, Brussels/Everberg
  2nd co-organiser: IRPUD - Institute for Spatial Planning/Ms Ingelore Pohl, University of Dortmund
  The participating museums:
  •  Crafts Museum of Finland, Jyväskylä/Finland
Ms Seija Heinänen, director
    •  Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art, Wien/Austria
Ms Margot Schindler, dr, assistant director
    •  German Museum of Technology, Berlin/Germany
Ms Anna Döpfner, head of department
    •  German Textile Museum, Krefeld/Germany
Ms Brigitte Tietzel, dr, director
    •  Municipal Museums of Antwerp, Antwerpen/Belgium
Ms Elsje Janssen, head of collections
    •  Embroiderers' Guild, London/United Kingdom
Mr Michael Stender, director
    •  National Costume Museum, Lisboa/Portugal
Ms Madalena Braz Teixeira, director
    •  Textile Foundation of the Town of Chieri/Italy
Mr Armando Brunetti, chairman
    •  Slovene Ethnographic Museum, Ljubljana/Slovenia
Ms Inja Smerdel, director
    •  Russian Ethnographic Museum (REM), St. Petersburg/Russia
Ms Natalia Kalashnikova, head of department

The Northern Eifel Wool Route (2002)

Branch of Rhenish Museum of Industry at Müller Cloth Mill
Mr Detlef Stender, dr, director

The Münsterland Cotton Route (2002)

Branch of Westphalian Museum of Industry at Bocholt Textile Mill
Mr Hermann Josef Stenkamp, dr, director

The Wuppertal City Route (2002)

Mr Reiner Rhefus

The "Bergisches Land" Textile Route (2003)

Netzwerk Industriekultur Bergisches Land e. V.

The Saxony Route (2003)

INNtex Innovation Netzwerk Textil e. V.
Mr Franz Rudolph, prof, manager

The East Westphalia Route (2003)

Bielefeld History Museum, Ravensberg Spinning Mill
Ms Cornelia Foerster, dr, director

The Lower Rhine Route (2003)

Textile Museum Foundation 'Die Scheune' and Niederrhein University, Mönchengladbach Branch
Mr Walter Tillmann, Dipl.-Ing. textile engineer, and Mr Hans-Karl Rouette, prof., dr

The industrial heritage routes (2003)

Organiser: tfs - Textile Forum Service, Hannover
  Co-ordinator: Ms Beatrijs Sterk, Hannover, e-mail: tfs@ETN-net.org
  1st co-organiser: Museu de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (mNACTEC), Terrassa
  2nd co-organiser: Museo del Tessuto, Prarto
  The participating museums:
  •  Science and Technology Museum of Catalonia, Terrassa/Spain
Mr Eusebi Casanelles i Rahola, director
    •  Textile Museum, Prato/Italy
Mr Emanuele Lepri, Secretary General
    •  Central Museum of Textiles, Lodz/Poland
Mr Norbert Zawisza, director / Mr Jacek Wesolowski, architect
    •  Archaeocomp Association, Budapest/Hungary
Ms Eszebét Marton, researcher
    •  Academy of Arts, Achitecture and Design, Prague/Czech Republic
Ms Miroslava Krausová, assistant professor / Mr Pavel Kasparek, student
    •  Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava/Slovakia
Ms Eva Cisárová-Mináriková, head of Textile Arts Studio
    •  Applied Art Museum, Tallinn/Estonia
Ms Lea Pruuli † / Ms Merike Alber, director / Ms Kadri Viires, lecturer
    •  Museum of Decorative Applied Arts, Riga/Latvia
Ms Velta Raudzepa, curator
    •  Kaunas Art Institute of VAA, Textile Department, Kaunas/Lithuania
Ms Vita Geluniené, chief assistant
    •  Museum of Vojvodina, Ethnological Department, Novi Sad/Serbia
Ms Bratislava Idvorean Stefanovic, curator
    •  Georgian Textile Group (GTG), Tbilisi/Georgia
Ms Nino Kipshidze, president
    •  ETN-European Textile Network, Strasbourg/France
Mr Dietmar Laue, architect

The Cyprus Route (2007)

    Workshop/Showroom/Gallery, Julia Astreou- Christoforou

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Initial support and following supporters
/ Support initial et supporteurs suivants/ Erstförderung und folgende Förderungen

The pilot project

European Union's Commission DG10, Raphael programme 1999, Action3.1: "Support for transnational cooperation projects between institutions/operators for the enhancement of and accessibility to the heritage"; duration 1999-2001

The Northern Eifel Wool Route
The Münsterland Cotton Route
The Wuppertal City Route
The "Bergisches Land" Textile Route
The East Westphalia Route
The Lower Rhine Route

Ministry of Town Planning & Housing, Culture & Sport of Northrhine-Westphalia, 2001/2002

The industrial heritage routes

European Union's Commission DG10, Culture 2000 programme 2002:
One-year specific actions / Cultural heritage / Creation of virtual cultural itineraries in digital space, on themes of European cultural interest characteristic of a particular period

The Cyprus Route

The Cultural Services - Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus, 2007
The Cyprus Tourism Organization, 2007

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Responsibility for the contents
/ Responsabilité pour le contenu / Verantworlichkeit für den Inhalt

The pilot project

Overall concept: Ms Beatrijs Sterk, ETN Secretariat, Hannover
  Routes' texts and illustrations: the participating museums
Concept: Mr Dietmar Laue, ETN Secretariat, Hannover
Technical structure: Buchdruck-Werkstätten, Hannover
Modifications & execution: Mr Ralf Hoppe, ETN Secretariat
English: Ms Susanne Mattern, Karben/D
French: Ms Nicole Corbonnois, Longjumeau/F
Deutsch: Mr Dietmar Laue, ETN Secretariat

The Northern Eifel Wool Route

Texts: Detlef Stender & Martin Schmidt, Euskirchen Rhenish Museum of Industry
  Photos: Detlef Stender for Monschau, Bad Münstereifel and Euskirchen; Martin Schmidt for Stolberg and Breinig; Achim Bednorz for Aachen; German Institute for Wool Research for himself; Verviers Tourist Centre for Wool and Fashion for himself

The Münsterland Cotton Route

Texts: Hermann Josef Stenkamp, Andreas Oehlke (Rheine), and Werner Straukamp (Nordhorn)
  Photos: WIM/Holtappels and Hudemann

The Wuppertal City Route

Conception and texts: Stadt Wuppertal; Der Oberbürgermeister; Geschäftsbereich Kultur, Bildung und Sport
  Contact: Reiner Rhefus, Tel. +49-202/563 4332, e-mail: reiner.rhefus@stadt.wuppertal.de
  Photos: © Medienzentrum Wuppertal, Antje Zeis-Loi; © Medienzentrum Wuppertal, Assunta Windgasse; © Bandwirkermuseum Ronsdorf, Kurt Florian; © Fa. Shape 3 innovative Textiltechnik; © Fa. Kafka; © TTI GmbH; © Magma-Design

The "Bergisches Land" Textile Route

Texts and maps: Mr Rüdiger Jordan, Düsseldorf
  Editing board: Dr. Christoph Heuter, Wuppertal; Dr. Jochem Putsch, Solingen; Dr. Wolfgang Vomm, Bergisch Gladbach (December 2002)
  Photos: The participating museums and Mr Michael Wittassek, Bergisch Gladbach (Fabrik Niedergaul, 2x Tuchmuseum Lennep); Dr. Christoph Heuter, Wuppertal (Aggertalsperre, Krawinkel Bergneustadt) 

The Saxony Route

Texts and photos: Carsten Schulz-Nötzold and the participating museums

The East Westphalia Route

Texts: Ms Stephanie Geissler, commissioned by the Bielefeld History Museum
  Photos: © A. Hudemann and M. Holtappels for monument pictures in Gütersloh, Bielefeld ,Herford and Oerlinghausen, the rest by the museums involved

The Lower Rhine Route

Texts for the Viersen Flax Region: Mr Walter Tillmann, Dipl.-Ing. textile engineer; for Mönchengladbach: Mr Hans-Karl Rouette, prof., dr
  Photos: Mr Rainer Klenner

The industrial heritage routes

Overall concept: Ms Beatrijs Sterk, tfs-Textile Forum Service, Hannover
  Routes' texts and illustrations: the participating institutions
Concept: Mr Dietmar Laue, ETN Secretariat, Hannover
Webmaster: Mr Ralf Hoppe, tfs Secretariat
English: Ms Susanne Mattern, Karben/D
French: Ms Nicole Corbonnois, Longjumeau/F
Deutsch: Mr Dietmar Laue, ETN Secretariat

The Cyprus Route

Texts and photos: Ms Julia Astreou-Christoforou

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Technical Notes
/ Indications techniques / Technische Hinweise

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