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Felted Narratives – Decoding Patterns of Kyrgyz Carpets

The Woven Sounds - Exploring the singning cultures around carpet weaving in Iran

Encoded Textiles

Migration and mobility in the textile capital of Lodz: A cosmopolitan metropole in East Central Europe

Bauyeux 2.0

Revealing the Hidden: Unpicking the Stories in Archbishop Morton’s ‘Cope’

Teresa Lanceta. Weaving as Open Code

3D Textiles - Intersecting Art, Design and Architecture

ETN Conference 2025 in Sheki - "Another look at the textile story of the city, woven from halva till a shebeke art"

The Work of Antoni Starczewski

Works of young artists building the Young Textile Art Triennial 2022 exhibition

Bojagi & No-name Woman

Introduction: Codes – stories in textiles

Reflections on Structure in Andean Khipus

Happy Roses − Angry Peppers. The Language of Oya Lace

Patterns of Origin – Coded cultures of Anglo-Norwegian cloth trade and dress

Agnes Richter's Jacket (1895) and Artistic reactions to it

Textiles at the 59th Venice Biennale “The Milk of Dreams"

Weaving camouflage nets for Ukraine

Mini lectures by ETN members