The ETN Association was organising annual General Assemblies until 2001, mostly in connection with major conferences, initiated in different European countries by ETN members. Since than these General Assemblies + conferences are organized biennually.

In addition to the main ETN conferences, ETN members are sometimes organising special events under the auspices of the Network.

Numerous further international events are organised by Network members themselves. Information about these events is published in our quaterly Newsletters and on the Calendar of events page of our Website.

The history of ETN conferences (+ development of membership numbers)

The ETN conferences are the basic platform for the European co-operation; they act as market places for information and projects.

2015 May: 17th ETN CONFERENCE in Leiden/Netherlands,
2013 May/June: 10th ETN General Assembly in Madrid, 13 members from 8 countries (altogether 370 ETN members in 51 countries)

2011 September: 16th ETN Conference in Kaunas/LT, 138 participants from 34 foreign countries (altogether 393 ETN members in 49 countries)

2010 June: Publication of the ETN membership list with altogether 423 ETN members in 49 countries

July: 15th ETN Conference in Haslach/A, 100 participants, from 23 foreign countries (altogether 514 ETN members in 55 countries)


January: ETN Textile Routes website extension for Cyprus
June: Publication of the ETN membership list with altogether 528 ETN members in 55 countries


September: 14th ETN Conference in London, 160 participants, from 25 foreign countries (altogether 490 ETN members in 52 countries)


June: Publication of the ETN Membership list, with altogether 480 ETN members in 54 countries

2005 September: 13th ETN Conference in Izmir/TR, more than 200 participants, 137 from 28 foreign countries (altogether 503 ETN members in 55 countries)
2004 Preparation of further Textile Routes e. g. in Switzerland, Lombardia, Alsace, the Netherlands, Turkey
2003 June: Installation of the 2nd part of the Textile Routes Website with 18 new routes
September: 12th ETN Conference in Prato/I, 117 participants from 27 countries (altogether 558 ETN members in 57 countries)
2002 June: Publication of the membership inquiery (in preparation of the internet discussion forums)
altogether 552 ETN members in 57 countries
2001 June: The ETN Textile Routes website goes online together with the Internet database (addresses + calendar of events) and an interactive blackboard
June: 11th ETN Conference in Riga/LV, 130 participants from 19 countries (altogether 552 ETN members in 58 countries)

September: 10th ETN Conference in Sint-Truiden/B - About 100 participants from 15 countries (altogether 542 ETN members in 55 countries)

1999 June: 9th ETN Conference in Rovaniemi/FIN - About 200 participants from 21 countries (altogether 573 ETN members in 53 countries)
September: Caucasus Conference in Tbilisi/GEO - About 50 participants from 10 countries
1998 January: The ETN website goes online
March: 8th ETN Conference in Barcelona und Madrid/E - About 150 participants from 20 countries (altogether 541 ETN members in 55 countries)
1997 June: 7th ETN-NET Meeting in Brussels/B
a) Setting up of the NET-Cultural Foundation/International Association after Belgian law with seat in Brussels (currently not in operation), 6 founding members: Member of Honour AER-Assembly of European Regions/Strasbourg together with 5 more members from 3 countries
b) ETN-NET Meeting with 36 participants from 16 countries (altogether 574 members in 57 countries)
1996 March: 6th ETN Conference in Manchester/UK - About 400 participants from about 40 countries (altogether 593 ETN members in 57 countries)
June: South-East-European Conference in Kherson/UKR, 45 participants from 13 countries
December: Meeting to prepare the NET-Cultural Foundation, 14 participants from 6 countries
1995 June: 5th ETN Conference in St. Petersburg/R, 192 participants from 34 countries (altogether 490 ETN members in 57 countries)
1994 June: 4th ETN Conference in Budapest and Szombathely/H, 130 participants from 32 countries altogether 401 ETN members in 55 countries)
(October: Enlargement of the Council of Europe by many East-European countries with the result that cultural programmes with private partners cannot receive furtherance any longer due to lack of money)
1993 April: 3rd ETN Meeting in Strasbourg/Council of Europe - Founding conference of the International ETN Association after Alsatian law with 11 founding members from 10 countries followed by a specialist conference on textile & fashion education in Europe 316 participants from 27 countries (altogether 233 ETN members in 49 countries) Formal taking over of the responsibility for the Textile Routes within the CE´s Cultural Itineraries programme
1992 February: Meeting of the Cultural Itineraries concept group at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg (with ETN´s participation)
April: 2nd ETN Conference in Lausanne/CH 70 Participants from 23 countries (altogether 170 ETN members in 36 countries)
December: Meeting of the Cultural Itineraries concept group in Lisbon (with ETN´s participation)
1991 May: Silk Routes meeting of the Council of Europe (CE) in Barcelona (first agreements on cooperation with the CE´s Cultural Itineraries project group
June: 1st ETN Conference in Erfurt/East Germany (informal setting up of the Network with representatives from of the Council of Europe) 48 Participants from 25 countries (altogether 141 ETN members in 28 countries)
1990 June: First circular letter to 76 possible members in 22 countries