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The First ETN Conference

Erfurt, June 23rd - 25th, 1991

The most important results

The conference was held within the framework of the "Platform Europe" under the protectorate of the European Community Committee. It was also supported by the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and realised in co-operation with representatives of the Council of Europe.

The conference had the character of a working meeting. Its objective was to come to an agreement on tasks, structure and future programme of ETN, as well as to take initial corresponding resolutions:

1. An executive Committee *) was established which will, until April 1992, take over the following tasks:

  • Securing the next working meeting, programme-planning.
  • Working out papers to be submitted for decision regarding member structure and status of ETN.
  • Determinations of basics for project and institution funding (Pending clarification of ETN's financing itself independently, Textilforum, e. V. will be carrying on the current ETN business within its limited possibilities).

2. The 2nd ETN Conference is to be held in connection with the opening of the Textiles Biennial in Lausanne/Switzerland in April 1992. The host will be Philippe Jeanloz, Director of CITAM (Centre International de la Tapisserie Ancienne et Moderne - International Centre of Ancient and Modern Textile Art), in co-operation with the University of Lausanne.

3. The 3rd ETN Conference will take place at the Textile Museum in Tilburg/Netherlands in 1993. For this occasion Director Fred van Oss is suggesting a first exhibition of the works of ETN partners. - Comparable offers were made for Budapest/Hungary by Aliz Torday and for Lodz/Poland by Marcin Oko for the following years.

4. A resolution to be submitted to the Council for Cultural Co-operation (CDCC) of the Council of Europe was prepared, requesting that ETN be accepted as an "Associated Group" (AG). This resolution will be handed over to the members of CDCC at the first opportunity.

5. Beatrijs Sterk and Dietmar Laue, Textilforum e. V. Hannover/Germany have committed themselves to prepare an ETN-Manual which will form the basis of an informative and documentational infrastructure of the Network. They are furthermore considering the possibilities for the publication of an English-language periodical to serve for ETN communications.

6. The initiator of the Erfurt Conference, Beatrijs Sterk, is preparing an ETN Brochure for public relations purposes.

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