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The ETN Association includes institutions (legal entities), individuals (natural persons) and supporters.

Institutions are, inter alia

  • Museums, libraries, archives etc. (cultural heritage sector);
  • Artists, craftspeople and designer groups (contemporary cultural production sector);
  • Universities, academies, high schools, adult education institutes and secondary/primary schools (educational sector);
  • Associations, interest groups made up of the above mentioned institutions, research institutes, design centres, galleries, specialised publishers, cultural tourist offices etc. (various).

Individuals are, in particular

  • Curators of exhibitions or museum collections;
  • Organisers of conferences, symposia or competitions;
  • Professors, lecturers, teachers or course instructors;
  • Cultural administrators;
  • Organisers of cultural journeys;
  • Specialist writers or journalists;
  • Scholars from a variety of specialist fields; and last but not least:
  • Artists, craftspeople and designers.

Experts and cultural producers: 528 representatives in 55 countries in 2008

A complete address list of all ETN members is available to all members.