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The ETN Association is reorganising its Working Groups.
Please contact the following group speakers:

TEXERE – Textile Education and Research in Europe

We invite you to visit the web pages of TEXERE - the association for textile teachers and professors from schools of every level, from Art schools and universities as well as for textile artists.

Our Aims:

  • To establish and maintain a forum for debate and research that reflects the importance of textiles as a vital phenomenon in cilture, education and society.
  • To collect, promote and dessiminate information about the developing aims and content of textiles education within European education systems concerning curriculum and teacher training.
  • To encourage research and exchange in all aspects of textiles study and education at all levels.

The Textile Education and Research in Europe (TEXERE) Working Group was inaugurated during the Bi-annual general meeting which was held on Saturday 15th September 2007 during the ETN conference in London. ETN members may join this working group by e-mailing the Speaker, Patricia Christy at pchristy@talktalk.net. When renewing your ETN membership you may register as a member of the TEXERE Education Working Group on the PfeilETN application form.

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