Art and cultural projects are sponsored by all kinds of institutions (see Pfeil rechtsHow to find partners & money), especially when their aim is an international exchange of ideas and concepts.

ETN member projects

One of the aims of the Network is to promote cross-border European co-operation. The Pfeil rechtsMembership database makes it possible to search for suitable project partners and it is meant to be used proactively. The ETN Secretariat also provides search advice.

During the realisation of member projects the ETN Secretariat should be involved if possible, in order to be able to undertake basic work in view of the European dimension of these projects, such as
- Initiating contacts during the project work
- Support through publication in order to increase public awareness of the project
- Broadcasting of the project result among the target groups/public
- Co-operation during the search for or the conception of follow-up projects

Projects of the ETN Board/Secretariat

The ETN administration only runs projects that are not in competition with those of its members, but rather support their project activities.

Members are requested to support the ETN administration in its work and to incorporate it in any of their own suitable projects!