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The "Manifesto" of 1991

The following text can be read as the 'historical' manifesto of the Network. - Chapters:

Why Textiles
Why Europe
Communication Problems and Chances
ETN Brief History
First ETN Conference
Structural Model
Objectives, Members, Intl. Institutions
Institutions/Media, Key Persons
Non-European ETN Partners
First ETN
brochure 1991

Building Textile Bridges

"To the textile art, unconditional precedence is due, because it is revealing itself, as it were, as The Original Art and seems to be quite a natural phenomenon, whilst all the other arts are borrowing their types and symbols from textile art."

Gottfried Semper, architect, 19th century

Textile bridges of our time
Project of Swiss engineers for crossing the Straits of Gibraltar
(Bridge made of carbon-fibre-reinforced compound material)