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Non-European ETN Members

Europe is only a small part of our world, being neither its centre nor the cradle of textile culture. Already the population of Europe is exceeded behind that of India. Remembering, too, the historic influences of the cultures of Asia and North Africa, makes it clear that, without the impulses coming from the richer textile heritage of other continents, we would have far less substance of our own to contribute.

The European Textile Network will, in its own interest, be on the look out for non-European partners. - For them, there will be advantage in having a competent address in the Network, through which demands for co-operation on specific occasions and concerning long-term projects can be transacted quickly and reliably.

Within the coming years, ETN will set up a supplementary Partner Network, to assist its own members, too, in looking for contacts with non-European partners in the line of information and work.

The inter-cultural dialogue is a must

We Europeans, but members of other highly-civilized societies, too, must look out for world-wide dialogue, as we are in a stuck dilemma from which possibly we cannot escape, if we remain isolated. Our Western way of life does offer no model that would be fit for the future of mankind.

This way of life is losing attractivity at the same rate as, more and more, it turns out to be globally destroying life's social and material foundations. - In our civilization, most textile products are invovled in the accelerated changes of fashion, and are a lot quicker morally worn-out than they would be physically. - The moral wear and tear of products is correlative with the fading of cultural values which cannot last unless determining in a credible way that, in the interest of life's transcendence, can be classified as good and beautiful, or as bad and ugly.

ETN is standing up for the respect and protection of existing cultural traditions. To honour the values and inherent qualities of such traditions, to learn from them and to further them to the best of ability, will be in the well-understood own interest of ETN members.

The Network's View of the World

Network's View of the World

Map in accordance with percentage of world-population
(only States over 1 Mio. Inhabitants, Situation as at 1977)

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