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1. Development of European co-operation to intensify textile- cultural interchanges, to accentuate regional identities and to strengthen the idea of Europe.

2. Promotion of East-West integration within all the fields of ETN activities.

3. Development of common interests and co-operating experiences for the co-operation with partners outside Europe.

These objectives will be achieved by:

  • Interlacing of existing local and regional activities (exhibitions, professional meetings, competitions, education and training events, publications, etc.), in order to make their supra-regionally relevant significance accessible.
  • Development of joint European projects focusing on themes, methods and publicity.
  • Completion of a central documentation and information service with decentralised basic data registers to improve professional co-operation of the ETN member institutions; Publication of the ETN Newsletter.

The European Textile Network is, above all, a co-operation partnership of supra-regional active representatives of Museums, Design Centres, Designers' Associations and training colleges/institutions for textile professions. - Already today (1991) the ETN Partners represent a major part of the potential textile-cultural organisers in Europe.

ETN is furthered by: International cultural institutions, regional corporations, public and private societies, business enterprises and private persons.


Active Members

The activities of ETN are the result of the work performanced by its active members. Their contributions consist of:
A. Providing information and experience,
B. Participation in collective projects,
C. Canvassing for new ETN partners and promoting members/sponsors as well as participation in public relations work for ETN.

Passive Members

Thanks to its promoters the Network will financially be able to realise special programmes.
I. Promoting Members will assist ETN objectives by annual payments fixed at a minimum rate.
II. Sponsors commit themselves in the promotion of special ETN programmes.

Associated Members
(Status in preparation)

The activity of ETN in the fields of information and documentation will be supported by associated members who, by subscribing the ETN Magazine, contribute their financial part to the ETN data bank. - Associated membership is open to everyone.

ETN and International Institutions

The European Textile Network is attaching great value to the close co-operation with all supranational public and private cultural institutions.

In the year of its establishment, the first ETN conference was awarded the prize "Kulturbüehne Europa 1991" (Platform Europe 1991) of the European Community in Brussels.

Since 1991 ETN has been participating in the consultations for the realisation of the "Silk routes", a programme in the frame of the European Cultural Routes - projects realised by the Council of Europe.

The national representatives in the Council for Cultural Co-operation (CDCC) are included in our dialogue. - The member states of the CDCC are: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Vatican, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, Great Britain, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia as well as Roumania and Canada (as observers).

In 1991 contacts were made to the following institutions:

Council of Europe - Parliamentary Committee for Culture and Education/Heerlen, Netherlands, and for Science and Technology/Burg, Dillkreis, Germany.

European Parliament - Committee for Culture/Luxembourg

European Council Committee - Departments of Culture, Education, Youth and Social Matters/Brussels

European Cultural Foundation - Executive Board/Amsterdam

UNESCO - Executive Board/Paris

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