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Structural Model

Concept of European co-operation within the framework of ETN (Provisional version)

Framework of ETN

Special groups

Active, passive members and external experts - Working programmes in the framework of ETN resolutions on the following targets:

Europe-Projects, e. g.:

  • "Textile-cultural regions"
  • "Silk Routes" (participation in programmes of the Council of Europe).

Research/Development, such as:

  • Design Theory
  • Historic Textiles
  • New Technologies
  • "Art and Industry" - Projects

Education and Training, such as:

  • Professional Training
  • Professional Advanced Training
  • Adult Education
  • Furtherance of young talent


  • Exhibitions/Shows, Competitions
  • (Professional-) conferences, Symposia etc.
  • Participation in events (such as Trade Fairs)

Documentation/Publication, e.g.:

  • ETN data bank
  • (Professional-) books, catalogues, instruction material
  • Documentation of events
  • Contributions both in script and pictures (audiovisual media)

Assembly of ETN Members

Annual meetings at alternating locations - Resolutions on ETN Programmes both short-term and long-term

EC-Executive Committee

(Formed by active ETN members)
Committee to consist of at least five institutional representatives.
Preparation and execution of general meeting resolutions; Programme and finance planning


Finance and programme administration (programme coordination). Keeping contact with promoting members, sponsors and external institutions. Central service for documentation and information, public relations.

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