The geopolitical developments of the last few months have affected us all. The ETN conference, originally scheduled for the past May in St. Petersburg could not take place. We were very shocked and sad, because our network sees itself, among other things, as a bridge builder between nations and cultures. However, we are very pleased that we can now announce an alternative location and date for our conference:

SAVE THE DATE: November 3rd - 5th, 2022: ETN conference in Lodz/PL! 

The 20th ETN conference will take place from November 03 until 05, 2022 in Łódź, Poland. The conference will be held as a hybrid event. This means that an on-site attendance will be possible, but participants and speakers may also take part online via Zoom. Should the geopolitical or the Covid19 situation develop in a direction that makes an on-site conference completely impossible, the conference will be held on November 04 and 05 as a purely online event. 

Łódź is a traditional textile town well known to many ETN members. Have a look at Christina’s and Andreas’ recent visit report:
There is a large textile museum, the "Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź", which is also home to a well-known International Triennial of Tapestry. Chief Curator is ETN Board Member Marta Kowalewska. This year the event is taking place for the 17th time and has the motto "Entangled State". From 477 applications, a jury selected 57 works, which will be shown in a major exhibition between October 8, 2022 and April 15, 2023. More information about the ITT is available here:,226 

Another vital partner and host of the lectures on Nov 04 and 05 is the Strzemiński Academy of Art Łódź. This Academy with it’s outstanding textile department will impress you with a tour through the studios of Decorative Textiles. All lectures will be heard in the large, state of the art auditorium at the Academy.

Thanks to our partners:

We are very honoured and thrilled that we can be guests at this special textile hotspot with this year’s ETN conference beginning of November. The theme of the conference is "CODES - Stories in Textiles". We look forward to interesting international speakers who will talk about the many facets of this topic. Contributions from the field of modern textile art, textile handicrafts as well as lectures that shed light on historical or ethnographic aspects can be expected. The conference logo shows so-called Khipus as a motif, knotted cords from the Inca culture in South America. These Khipus were used in times before the Spanish influence to archive various information using knots. During the conference we will hear an exciting talk by researcher Manuel Medrano on this topic. Of course, a visit to the Triennale and interesting exhibitions are also part of the conference programme.

Download the preliminary schedule here:

We are aware that we are very late in releasing the conference details and possibility for registration, for which we apologize. Unfortunately, the short-term relocation of the venue and other factors have pushed us back a bit. Nevertheless, we are sure we have organized an excellent conference for you and we very much hope to see many of you there in person.

Registration for the conference will start in the second half of September 2022.

Network sessions during the ETN Conference – open call

Part of every ETN Conference are the popular network sessions. ETN members can present their own projects for a maximum of 10 minutes and with a maximum of 10 slides. The content does not have to relate to the conference topic "codes - stories in textiles" but should bring current aspects of the work of our members to the fore. For example, if you are working on a project for which you are looking for partners, if you want to promote an exhibition or a publication, the network sessions are the ideal space to share this information in the ETN community.

Anyone who would like to present something should send us an abstract of no more than 200 words and 2 photos including credits in landscape format by end of September at the latest. Depending on the number of submissions, we may then have to select so as not to go beyond the scope. We look forward to your submissions and will then get in touch with you!

Lecture by Dr. Thomas Röske, DE: The Jacket of Agnes Richter, 1895,
colored yarns on institutional linen and woolen fabric (detail)
photo: Sammlung Prinzhorn

The Central Museum of Lodz, - Conference venue 1
photo by the museum

Lecture by Karin Altmann, AT:
Felted Narratives – Decoding Patterns of Kyrgyz Carpets
photo: Karin Altmann (detail)

Conference hall at the Academy of Fine Art
photo: Christina Leitner

The Central Museum of Textiles in Lodz
venue of the first conference day
photo: Andreas Selzer

The Academy of Fine Arts, Conference Venue 2
photo: Christina Leitner

The Central Museum of Lodz - permanent exhibition
photo by the museum

Oceáno Cósmico (detail), part of the
ecture by María Dávila y Eduardo Portillo, VEN: Imagined Cosmos
photo by the artists

Bojagi art, parrt of the 
Lecture by Chunghie Lee, KOR: No-name Woman 
photo by the artist


The International Triennial of Tapestry (ITT)
part of the tours on the first conference day

Lecture by Manuel Medrano, US: Reflections on Structure in Andean Khipus
photo: Manuel Medrano



Lecture by Lala de Dios, ES: Woven Codes in Teresa Lanceta’s work
Detail of a weaving by Teresa Lanceta showing her version of the rhombus one of the most used patterns in Moroccan weavings.
©Enrique Moreno

The Lodz City Culture Park, part of the Central Museum of Textiles
part of the guided tours on the first conference day
photo by the museum

Lecture by Gérard Maizou and Kathrin Müller, DE: Happy Roses − Angry Peppers. The Language of Oya Lace
photo: © Gérard Maizou

The Central Museum of Textiles - permanent exhibition
photo by the museum

The Central Museum of Textiles - permanent exhibition
Christina Leitner