XS PROJECT: international contemporary fiber art
Gina Morandini Gallery of Contemporary Textile Art in Maniago, IT
15.04.2023 - 17.06.2023

XS PROJECT: international contemporary fiber art Gina Morandini Gallery of Contemporary Textile Art in Maniago, IT 15.04.2023 - 17.06.2023

XS PROJECT: international contemporary fiber art lands at the Gina Morandini Gallery of Contemporary Textile Art in Maniago

ArteMorbida, in collaboration with Le Arti Tessili APS presents at the Gina Morandini Gallery of Contemporary Textile Art the second part of XS PROJECT the international project dedicated to contemporary fiber art with 96 works by artists from different countries around the world characterized by their small size - 30x30 cm - as well as, of course, the medium.

The exhibition opens Saturday, April 15, 2023, at 10:30 a.m. in the Foundation's spaces at Via Carso 4 in Maniago, PN, and will be open until June 17. This project continues the mission of the Italian magazine specializing in international contemporary fiber art, which has long been committed to the dissemination and promotion of art languages traceable to textile techniques and materials. The exhibition offers a broad overview of the different declinations of fiber art in a comparison of different backgrounds, traditions, and generations in a plurality of experiments that trace evolution and development of the definition of 'textile art'. From environmentally sustainable fibers to the upcycling of waste materials, from weaving to hot manipulation, from thread to fabric, plastic, and metal, the exhibition aims to bring a wide audience closer to the discovery of the different languages of individual artists. 

The project is also an opportunity to reflect on the dynamics that support and enable artistic research, not least the encouragement of a new and young collectionism, remembering that – as is written in the introduction to the exhibition catalog- one becomes a collector one artwork at a time, often starting with small works to discover that buying Art is often more within our reach than we think but above all it is good for everyone: for artists, galleries, culture, but especially for those who surround themselves with it. Commissioning or buying Art is a practice that-one generation after another-has delivered to countries like Italy a heritage of immense beauty that is now public and usable by all.

The artists selected for this second stage are: Greta Arlet Alcantara, Jorgelina Alessandrelli, Jacobo Alonso, Yosi Anaya, Ceci Arango, Annamaria Atturo, Pietrina Atzori, Anna Bassi, Silvia Beccaria, Marcella Belletti, Denise Blanchard, Romilda Boccia, Roberta Brugnola, Cristina Busnelli, Elisabetta Cameli, Loretta Cappanera, Lara Caputo, Francesca Catellani, Susanna Cati, Michela Cavagna, Caterina Ciuffetelli, Cenzo Cocca, Maria Anastasia Colombo, Lea Contestabile, Tiziana Contu, Chiara Cordeschi, Elisabetta Cusato, Giovanna Del Grande, Roberta Denni, Antonella Di Dedda, Annalisa Di Meo, Vittoria F. M.Dubini, Daniela Evangelisti, Cinzia Farina, Rana Feghali, Loredana Galante, Verena Giavelli, Monica Giovinazzi, Barbara Gilardi, Giun. go Lab, Laura Guilda, Yu-Mei Huang, Alicia Iglesias, Marisa Iotti, Andi Kacziba, Katharina Krenkel, Rita Lazzaro, Cinzia Li Volsi, Giuseppe Loi, Clara Luiselli, Giuse Maggi, Mariya Marinova, Florencia Martinez, Natalia Martinez, Betta Marzorati, Maria Grazia Medda, Miriam Medrez, Laura Mega, Ylenia Mele, Lidia Meneghini, Cinzia Miccoli, Flavia Eleonora Michelutti, Francesca Miotti, Susana Molina, Saba Najafi, Giulia Nelli, Serena Nicoli, Emilio Paradiso, Federica Patera and Andrea Sbra Perego, Carole Peia, Sonia Piscicelli Izn, Patrizia Polese, Adriana Puppi, Celine Ramio, Elena Redaelli, Sandra Resende, Luce Resinanti, Laura Scaringi, Valeria Scuteri, Maria Jole Serreli, Raffaella Simone, Alice Sitzoglou, Mieke Smet, Giulia Spernazza, Andrea Stowhas Villarroel, Estefania Tarud, Maria Cristina Tebaldi, Olga Teksheva, Yen-Yu Tsen, Elizabeta Tzvetkova, Patrizia Valcarenghi, Tania Verhasselt, Esther Weber, Tania Welz, Giancarlo Zerboni.

Also within the same perspective of enhancing fiber art is the second event on Saturday, April 15, at 11:30 a.m, with the presentation of the book by Renata Pompas - "Italian Fiber Art. I Pionieri" (Arte Morbida Editore) - which reconstructs the history of the birth and affirmation of Fiber Art in Italy: a current of contemporary art that unites research based on textile practices and/or materials, assumed in material declinations or in their conceptual representations.

Renata Pompas is a journalist, essayist and lecturer. She has been following the history of the movement for almost thirty years, attending exhibitions and mixing with the artists. She has published several articles, texts in catalogs, presentations, and contributions in collective books, as well as participating in juries. She cooperates with a number of newspapers and magazines, among which ArteMorbida.

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Title: XS PROJECT II Edition
Dates: April 15 - June 17, 2023
Opening: Saturday, April 15, 10:30 a.m.
Venue: Gallery of Contemporary Textile Art Gina Morandini
Via Carso 4, 33058 Maniago PN
Hours: open every Saturday from 3 to 6 p.m.; other days by appointment by writing to segreteria@leartitessili.it
Event sponsored by ArteMorbida Textile Arts in collaboration with Le Arti Tessili APS


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