Workshops with Saar Snoek
Art factory Vienna, AT
09-11.09.2023 and 11.-12.09.2023

Workshops with Saar Snoek<br>Art fabric Vienna, AT<br>09-11.09.2023 and 11.-12.09.2023

Beyond resist with Saar Snoek


An unconventional approach to sculptural felt. In this 3 day workshop we will make an organic fantasy sculpture. In the process you will discover new ways to construct sculptural shapes and learn how to connect felt indifferent stages of the process. In a playful way we create opportunities for technical analysis (what happens inside the felt during the process)  and find the balance between control and creative freedom.


Felt for milliners with Saar Snoek


A two day workshop for milliners with experience in blocking felt. You will learn how to calculate and draw a resist for a specific block. You will learn how layout of wool effects the form and stretch of your felt. You will learn how to make a professional dense smooth millinery felt. We will discuss the limitless creative possibilities (and impossibilities) of handmade felt.


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