Weaving Courses, Residencies and Scholarships
at Studio Aphorisma in Tuscany, IT
Deadline for Scholarship application: 30.04.2021

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Studio Aphorisma’s atelier is located in Italy, on a beautiful hill where Chianti wine is made, in a former farm holding nestled among vineyards, cypresses, olive trees and centuries old oak trees, near Cassia, an ancient road that connects Florence to Siena.
The studio is directed by artist Nicola Sansò and textile designer Anna Silberschmidt. It focuses on research, design and professional consulting mainly with regards to topics concerning fabric design activities and modern artistic creations. Studio Aphorisma, thanks to the combination of technical know-how with artistic and creative experience, is able to turn any idea into a tangible creation. The atelier represents a reference and cultural exchange point for people boasting different experiences in the European textile and art sectors.

Studio Aphorisma is advertising interesting offers for 2021:


During certain periods throughout the year, it turns into an open lab where courses are offered that focus on teaching weaving techniques and art subjects.

Training courses in weaving and fabric design:

12. – 15. February 2021
1. – 4. July 2021
14. – 17. October 2021
5. – 8. December 2021
More information: https://www.weaving-courses.com/weaving-courses-all-year.html

Special Course:

Symmetry / Asymmetry: Proportion and Harmony in Fabric Design
27. May – 5. June 2021
27. – 31. July 2021
More information: https://www.weaving-courses.com/weaving-courses-programme.html

Symmetry / Asymmetry in Bauhaus
13 – 18 September 2021
More information: https://www.weaving-courses.com/bauhaus-special-course.html

Course programme 2021:


Studio Aphorisma has launched a residency programme for the training, research and the creation of textiles, based on the idea of supporting the encounter and exchange among craftsmen, designers, textile artists or simply enthusiasts interested in this field, all people who are somehow connected by their common interest in the textile world.
The atelier is nestled in one of the most beautiful settings in the Tuscan countryside, in the heart of the Chianti area. Residents will appreciate this stimulating environment, to find the ideal conditions from which to draw inspiration and practice their creative work.
People who want to independently develop a personal research project in a quiet, well-equipped space, as well as persons who wish to deepen and expand their knowledge in this field can apply.
The atelier has handlooms of various types, from 4 up to 24 harnesses, which will be made available to those who wish to learn, experiment and create their own original projects.
The accommodation connected to the atelier will be available for single applicants or small groups of 2 or 3 applicants for residencies lasting from one to four weeks.
On request residents can also benefit from our technical and artistic advice for the realization of their projects, combining traditional knowledge and skills with a contemporary approach.
Special requests and the choice of dates can be agreed directly with Studio Aphorisma by email: aphorisma@virgilio.it

More information: https://www.weaving-courses.com/residency.html


Within the scope of the course programme, Studio Aphorisma offers 2 residency scholarships for weaving students, young designers or textile artists who have conducted or are conducting research for the purpose of creating new fabrics.
Those awarded the scholarship will be able to work and stay as guests in the atelier and the apartment provided by Studio Aphorisma for 15 days.
Food and travel expenses are to be paid by the scholars.
Applicants can request more detailed information and send the application form together with a curriculum vitae complete with a portfolio of images of their research work (pdf format, max. 5 MB) by 31 March.

More information: https://www.weaving-courses.com/residency.html


Studio Aphorisma
C.P.3 I-50028 Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (Firenze), Italy

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