Virtual Talks with Ana Lisa Hedstrom
organized by Yoshiko Wada, Slow Fiber Studio
18.11.2020 / 09.12.2020 / 06.01.2021

Virtual Talks with Ana Lisa Hedstrom <br>organized by Yoshiko Wada, Slow Fiber Studio<br>18.11.2020 / 09.12.2020 / 06.01.2021
Ana Lisa Hedstrom: BLOCKS
wool felt with natural dyes, 2017

Yoshiko Wada´s Slow Fiber Studio is having a series of Virtual Talks with artist Ana Lisa Hedstrom, the next one is 18 November, than 9 Dezember and 6 January 2021.

Conversations are streamed talks with esteemed textile artists and artisans, specialists, scholars in the field of textile art including in shibori, natural dyes, sashiko and quilt, weaving, fashion and costumes, delivered through Zoom webinar.

Our purpose is to spread and share authentic information substantiated by the presenters’ experiences. The conversations will serve as oral histories that record the lives and works of people who have contributed to the evolution of the textile field by building on tradition with innovation and passing on knowledge to upcoming generations.

The program will be interactive with Q&A after each presentation/conversation. Priority sign-up (3 days before public) will be given to the World Shibori Network members.

Nui Shibori/ Stitch-resist
Wednesday, 18.11.2020, 1pm-3pm (pacific coast time)

A brief survey will be presented to view ancient stitch-resist in Japan, and kosode of Keicho and Genroku eras (early 1600s) along with the Tsujigahana myth and work of Itchiku Kubota who translated the historical textiles into creating his own spectacular art of nui shibori. Presentation of hand-sewing and machine-sewn pleating will cover traditional and modern techniques, concepts, and patterns. Ana Lisa will demonstrate the smocking pleater which approximates mokume shibori stitches, and Catharine Ellis will share her woven shibori process. Contemporary adaptation of traditional processes will highlight the ingenuity and creative impulse of the artists and artisans.

Itajime Shibori / Clamp-resist
Wednesday, 09.12.2020, 1pm-3pm (pacific coast time)

A brief history of clamp-resist from ancient Tang Dynasty China and Japan through the Edo Period to modern Japan and the West. Contemporary adaptation in North America of traditional processes will highlight the ingenuity and creative impulse of the artists.

Exporting Shibori to Africa from Arimatsu Narumi, 1948-49

Wednesday, 06.01.2021, 1pm-3pm (pacific coast time)

Yoshiko and Ana Lisa will discuss creative solutions the Japanese artisans came up with to meet demand in the African market for wide width, quick production, and dramatic patterns. Examples of the artisans’ solutions were to use a sewing machine for compression-resist (kikai-sekka shibori), enlarge the scale of traditional techniques, and incorporate printed substrates. Ana Lisa will discuss her own way of using the sewing machine in her art textiles, and images from contemporary artists’ work will be shared.  We hope our analysis of a variety of artists’ and artisans’ technical and design approaches will inspire shibori practitioners to find innovative ways to scale up their production.

Host: Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada
Yoshiko I. Wada is an artist, curator, and textile scholar, president of World Shibori Network, founder of SFS, producer of the Natural Dye Workshop series, and co-chair of the 1st – 11th International Shibori Symposia. She is the author of pioneering publications on kasuri and shibori. Today she continues to lead a wide range of workshops, lectures, tours, and symposia internationally, emphasizing sustainability & tradition.

Guest: Ana Lisa Hedstrom
Ana Lisa is known for her signature textiles based on contemporary adaptations of shibori. Her textiles are included in the collections of museums such as the Cooper Hewitt, the Museum of Art and Design, and the De Young, and her work has been exhibited  internationally. She has taught and lectured at numerous international Shibori conferences and schools, and her awards include two NEA grants and she is a fellow of the ACC.

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