Exhibition of the Finnish Association of New Textile Art
05.07. – 01.08.2021 in Forssa, FI
05.11.2021 – 16.01.2022 in Savonlinna, FI

UUTOS<br>Exhibition of the Finnish Association of New Textile Art<br>05.07. – 01.08.2021 in Forssa, FI<br>11.11.2021 – 16.01.2022 in Savonlinna, FI

Tuija Teiska, Father Forgive Me 2. Installation made from fishing awards covered in crocheted cotton yarn.
The fishing awards, trophies have belonged to the artist's deceased father;
Finnish Association of New Textile Art


UUTOS is the first group exhibition of the Finnish Association of New Textile Art. This exhibition brings together the many philosophies, ideologies and emotions that the participating artists work with in the field of textile and fiberarts. It creates a view on the artists thoughts on art and artistry in the modern era.

Participating artists are:
Sunna Kangas
Kaarina Kellomäki
Venla Martikainen
Sonja Salomäki
Tuija Teiska
Tuomas Tiitinen
Päivi Vaarula and
Marjukka Vuorisalo

The Finnish Association of New Textile Art UUTE, was founded in Helsinki in December of 2014. UUTE is also a member of the European Textile Network and the Union of Finnish Art Associations. The association was founded in order to promote textile art as a free and independent art form. The Association accepts as members textile artists who work in the field of visual arts. Also the member is expected to use textiles as either a conceptual or concrete part of their artistic process or artworks.

Finnish textile art has during its centuries long history formed in to a unique multidisciplinary form of expression. Textile art both breaks and crosses boundaries within different art disciplinaries. This form of self-expression brings together both visual and conceptual art forms as well as artisanal techniques in their many forms.

The experimental nature and freedom of expression are the basis of the importance of textile and fibre arts. This meaning and importance is strengthened by the views and experiences that often exist and come from outside the mainstream art world. These stories often bring forward the experiences and life of forgotten groups and cultures. Humanity and the study of existing as human are often the core philosophies in textile art. Contemporary textile art also often comments on current social issues.

UUTOS-exhibitions are supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation.

Times and Venues:

From July 5th 2021 to August 1st 2021, Gallery Moletti, Textile Museum Tyyki in Forssa, Finland
From November 11th 2021 to January 16th 2022, Riihisaari the Savonlinna Provincial Museum, Finland

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