textile art by Gabi Mett and Anne Ulrich
18.4. - 22.8.2021, Textilmuseum die Scheune, DE

time_room textile art by Gabi Mett and Anne Ulrich 18.4.2021 - 22.8.2021, Textilmuseum die Scheune, DE

Installation by Gabi Mett und Anne Ulrich "zeit_raum" (detial), photo by the artists

Anne Ulrich and ETN member Gabi Mett have consciously chosen textile material and textile techniques in their artistic exploration. Fabrics and yarns as femininely occupied ephemeral material, which women have processed for thousands of years for a specific purpose, receives a new artistic assignment. In this exhibition the artists deal with time and space in a diverse and convincing way.

Gabi Mett draws on used textiles that already tell a story and adds her own time through intensive handwork. The time period thus becomes very directly experienceable. Embroidered line and writing, text and texture take on a special meaning in her work.

In Anne Ulrich's work, the line also takes on a central role. Her drawings give rise to material three-dimensional objects. Her works are subject to a constant process of change, in which time, space and circumstances such as touch and transport are of decisive importance.

Textilmuseum die Scheune
Krickenberger Allee 21
DE-41334 Nettetal-Hinsbeck

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