Exhibition at Koppelkerk, Bredevoort, NL
28.01. – 27.03.2022

Tijdspinsels<br>Exhibition at Koppelkerk, Bredevoort, NL<br>28.01. – 27.03.2022

Work by Sonja Hillen (Detail)


ETN member Sonja Hillen invites us to an exhibition in a little town in Holland, close to the area where she grew up:

What time does a textile artwork breathe? Does it breathe the speed of the hectic times we live in? Or is it rather a silent resistance to the pace of fast, faster, fastest? It's high time to slow down and focus on the meticulous work of six renowned textile artists. From January 28, the textile exhibition 'Tijdspinsels' can be seen in the Koppelkerk in Bredevoort.

With works from:  Sonja Hillen, Pauline Nijenhuis, Anke Land, Astrid Polman, Willy Doreleijers and Anneke Copier & Claudio Varone

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Work by Sonja Hillen

Work by Astrid Polman

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