Threads of Changes: Stitching against Femicide
10.10. - 24.11.2024
Vienna, AT

Threads of Changes: Stitching against Femicide<br>10.10. - 24.11.2024<br>Vienna, AT

The project "Threads of Change: Stitching Against Femicide" was created as part of the exhibition series “totgeliebt”, from the textile
section of the “Berufsvereinigung der Bildenden Künstler Österreichs” - The aim is to counteract the horror of femicide by embroidering colorful flowers by many different people, women and men.

"totgeliebt" is an exhibition of textile works of art. The artists base their works on the topic of violence against women and girls, including femicide.

The textile works of art are created in direct engagement with sociopolitically relevant texts from literature, media or interviews. These texts or passages of text on femicide and violence against women and girls are exhibited together with the works of art, so they correspond and communicate with each other in the exhibition.

By viewing the texts and works of art together, the works of art actively contribute to opening up a new - unusual - perspective for viewers: on the topic of femicide and violence as well as on the public discourse about it! The artists want to touch people with their works, sharpen the senses of the viewers and thus make a contribution to making the topic of violence against women in society comprehensible and communicable, and thus can be dealt with in a new way.

Killing allegedly out of "love" - does such a thing even exist? Aren't love and violence the greatest opposites of all? This question is just one example of the topic that the exhibition deals with and aims to bring into a discursive focus.

The cloth will be displayed at small events in various places such as galleries, studios, shops, etc. and will be passed around to be embroidered. Everyone is welcome to organize a small embroidery event. Flowers can also be embroidered on (small) pieces of fabric and sent to us. These will then be applied to the large cloth. This means that people outside of Vienna can also take part in the project.

The cloth can be further embroidered during opening hours at the exhibitions “totgeliebt” in the ega: women in the center, in Vienna from October 10th to November 11th, 2024 and also in the Semmelweisklinik in Vienna from November 15th to 24th, 2024.
The plan is to sell or auction the cloth at the end and donate the money to an organization that supports women in need.

For further details contact:
Sawatou Mouratidou,, +43 676 5429543
Linda Gaenszle, , +43 699 11 55 26 36

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