The world of Vibeke Klint
By Gitte-Annette Knudsen, 2020

The world of Vibeke Klint<br>By Gitte-Annette Knudsen, 2020

This richly illustrated book (256 pages) describes the great Danish weaver and textile artist, Vibeke Klint’s professional life throughout more than 50 years and presents for the first time a series of her sketches, watercolors, and weaving samples, giving us an impression of her working methods.

The book was written by Danish weaver, Gitte-Annette Knudsen, who worked for Vibeke Klint from 2003-2008. Se had access to a large amount of material Vibeke Klint has left behind.  She has meticulously categorized and archived this rich heritage and created an impressive book from it.

The book was published in Danish "Vibeke Klint's verden" 2020 and since April 2021 it is also available in English:

ISBN: 9-766799-467082


Read more and see photo of the processing of the archive here:

You can also contact Gitte-Annette Knudsen directly:

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