Textile Talks
Online Presentations and Panel Discussions
organized by American Textile Associations

Textile Talks<br>Online Presentations and Panel Discussions<br>organized by American Textile Associations

Work by Catharine Ellis, part of the textile talk Natural Dyes & the Natural Dye Garden,
photo: https://www.ellistextiles.com/gallery/#nanogallery/gallery_container/72157644194213850/14443465276


The International Quilt Museum, the Modern Quilt Guild, Quilt Alliance, San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, Studio Art Quilt Associates, and the Surface Design Association of America are co-organizing an interesting series of online events:  Textile Talks features weekly presentations and panel discussions belonging to a certain topic.  The programs are held online at 2 pm Eastern each Wednesday and last approximately one hour.  

More information: https://www.saqa.com/resources/textiletalks

Some of the textile talks are available on Youtube:

TEXTILE TALKS: Conversations with the Artists: Upcycle!:

TEXTILE TALK: Natural Dyes & the Natural Dye Garden, presented by Surface Design Association:

TEXTILE TALKS: Studio Stories: Workspaces that Nurture:

TEXTILE TALKS: Conversations with the Artists: Ebb & Flow:




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