Textile Perspectives
Online-lecture by Masayo Ava
organized by the International Textile Research Centre, GB

Textile Perspectives<br>Online-lecture by Masayo Ava<br>organized by the International Textile Research Centre, GB<br>27.03.2021

The International Textile Research Centre, (ITRC), Director Professor Lesley Millar, is organizing an interesting lecture via Zoom on 27th May: Masayo Ave, pioneer of Haptic Interface Design and founder of the Sensory Experience Design Laboratory SXD-Lab in Berlin is talking about her fascinating work.

Born in Tokyo in 1962, Masayo Ave, Japanese designer who has been settling in Europe for almost three decades, is an embodiment of both cultural and disciplinary synthesis. As one of Japan's most intriguing design luminaries, she brings her expertise not only in her sensory-based innovative design works but also in the field of design education.

Graduated in Architecture in Hosei University in Japan in late 80s, her illustrious design career began in early 90s founding her design studio MasayoAve creation in Milan where she completed a Master's degree in industrial design at Domus Academy. Taking a sensorial and imaginative approach to basic design principles, her design practice and research focuses both artistic- and scientific search for the sensorial value lying hidden in the material. Masayo Ave's innovative design projects, which reconcile handicraft tradition to cutting-edge technology, span various disciplines and cultural fields. Her experimental design developments brought her critical fame, receiving many of international design awards, in which include ICFF 2000 Editors Award and the A&W Mentor Award 2006. 

Equally as illustrious as her praised carrier as a designer, Masayo Ave is one of the most prominent and influential designer-teachers today. In early 2000s, Masayo Ave started to be active also in the field of design education, conducting many design workshops in the realm of sensory experience design pedagogy for university students, professional designers as well as for craftsmen in both Europe and Japan. She has appointed guest professor in the University of Arts in Berlin in 2004-07, founded an experimental design institute of Haptic Interface Design. In 2007-09, she has appointed professor and head of product design department in the Estonian Academy of Arts, in 2012-13 appointed guest professor in the textile- and surface design department in the Weissensee Academy of Art Berlin. 2016-2018 appointed professor of product design department in BAU International Berlin – University of Applied Sciences ( Berlin International University of Applied Sciences ) and has been serving also a jury member of prestigious international design competitions, including Reddot product design award, Reddot concept design award, Design That Educates Award.

She moved her creative hub from Milan to Berlin in 2005 and, since more than a decade, she has been dedicating her carrier also to develop new design education program for children  that encompass a variety of sensory-based design experiences which activate children’s inborn sense of wonder. She has developed an early childhood design education program MWOS - ManyWaysOfSeeing under the commission of DesignSingapore Council and she had developed a series of new design workshop programs for children and youth in cooperation with Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen & Reddot design museum in the course of the EU project PROUD.

In 2017, Masayo Ave had founded the SXD.Lab - Sensory Experience Design Laboratory in Berlin, a cross-disciplinary research project platform in which interconnects design R&D projects and human senses and sensory experiences.

As its special division, Design Lab for children is also opened. It aims to cultivate children's inborn sense of wonder and enrich their sensory experiences through playful design exercises. 

Masayo Ave's Talk
Time: May 27, 2021 02:00 PM London

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