TaDA Spinnerei "Sustainable Production?"
EMPA, St. Gallen, CH

TaDA (Textile and Design Alliance) - Artist in Residence Programm<br>25.11.2022<br>EMPA - Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, St. Gallen, CH

The event begins with a guided tour through the Empa premises. The focus is to be on those labs that are used most intensively by the TaDA residents: Biometric Membranes and Textiles, Advanced Fibers. 

Next, the artists and designers involved will present insights into the projects and processes that have developed out of the collaboration with their partner companies.
With: Laura Deschl and Sonia Li (past TaDA Residents), Claudia Meile (Tisca Tischhauser AG), Simon Annaheim (Empa), Dirk Hegemann (Empa), Ana Micaela Fernández Martín, Victoria Manganiello, Otto Rummukainen, Nelli Singer (TaDA Residents 2022). Moderated by Meret Ernst (design specialist) and Marianne Burki (Head TaDA). 

Two workshops, "Methods of sustainable production" and "Sustainability – social, ecological, fair?" will then be held in which important questions regarding sustainability in production are to be discussed together with the audience.
With: Michael Fraede (Robotextile), Martin Leuthold (textile designer), Lucy Norris (social anthropologist, professor), Barbora Pinlova (Empa), Sabine Portenier (fashion designer), René Rossi (Empa), Silvan Wildhaber (Filtex AG).




Tanja Scartazzini, Head of Culture Canton St.Gallen, Board of TaDA 
René Rossi, scientist, Head of the Biomimetic Membranes and Textiles Laboratory, Empa 

Marianne Burki, Head of TaDA 



Lab as inspiration – guided tour through Empa [Sign up]
The guided tour, conducted by Empa scientists, will focus primarily on the main labs used by TaDA residents since 2020: Biometric Membranes and Textiles (textile sensor), Advanced Fibers (fiber development, plasma technology). 



Science, art, design – forms of multidisciplinary work [Sign up]
Scientists working at Empa talk to social designer and art researcher Laura Deschl and artist Sonia Li, who both collaborated with Empa during their TaDA residency in 2021.  
With Claudia Meile, Design & Development, Tisca Tischhauser AG, Bühler; Simon Annaheim, Group leader "Materials-Body-Interactions", Empa; Dirk Hegemann, Group leader Plasma & Coating, Empa.
(Zoom and live) 



"The fates are talking." Stéphanie Baechler, TaDA resident 2020 
(Video presentation)



Lunch break at the Empa grill [Sign up]



Insights into initial TaDA residency results [Sign up]
Current TaDA residents present their work:  
- Ana Micaela Fernández Martín, artist, Spain 
- Victoria Manganiello, artist, designer, educator and organizer, USA  






- Otto Rummukainen, artist and designer, Finland  
- Nelli Singer, textile designer, Germany  
Meret Ernst, design specialist 



"Anima Overdrive" Stefan Panhans & Andrea Winkler, 2022, 4k video, colour/sound, 4:18 min. 





Workshop: methods of sustainable production [Sign up]
Input by:  
- René Rossi, scientist, Empa 
- Silvan Wildhaber, CEO Filtex AG, St.Gallen / Board member of Swisstextiles 
- Sabine Portenier, fashion designer, Thun 
With textile designers Martin Leuthold and Nelli Singer as well as the audience 
Moderators: Meret Ernst and Marianne Burki (moderator for questions from the audience) 
(Discussion in German) 



"Creating a process". Otto Rummukainen, TaDA Resident 2022 
"Drawing by hand and Machine", Ana Micaela Fernández Martín, TaDA Resident 2022 





Workshop: sustainability – social, ecological, fair? [Sign up]
Input by: 
- Lucy Norris, social anthropologist, guest professor for design research and material culture at the Weißensee Kunsthochschule Berlin  
- Barbora Pinlova, scientist, Empa, St.Gallen  
- Michael Fraede, CEO Robotextile, Dormettingen 
With Nelli Singer and the audience 
Moderators: Meret Ernst, design specialist and René Rossi (moderator for questions from the audience) 
(Discussion in English) 



Victoria Manganiello: “Conductive Dinner: Prototypes in kitchen textiles” 


Conclusion with Meret Ernst and Marianne Burki 


More information and registration: Tickets Spinnerei 2022 

Empa Laboren, Spinnanlage

© Maidje Meergans, Reportage at Empa during TaDA Residency 2021 

Empa laboratories, light emitting textiles

Empa laboratories, division Advanced Fibers

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