Online exhibition by Nordic Textile Art
and annual meeting in Boras, SE

TALKING HANDS<br>Online exhibition by Nordic Textile Art<br>and annual meeting in Boras, SE<br>06.03.2021

NTA (Nordic Textile Art) is a non-profit association open for artists and people with passion for textile art, located mainly in the North European countries. Each year the association is organizing their annual meeting with lectures and exhibitions in one of the North European countries.

Due to the Corona crisis, the extensive program that would have been planned for this year had to be shortened in an online version. It was organized on March 6th 2021 in cooperation with the Textile Museum in Boras in Sweden and responded to what the museum had to offer. The theme of the year "talking hands" was also discussed:

“For the year 2021 we focus on the language of our hands and what they will communicate. How far can the discussion go when there is no spoken language present? Talking hands - what are they saying?”

The planned group exhibition "Talking Hands" has also been moved to the Internet. It asked how artists relate to their hands in the textile practise. The members have sent interesting photos on this subject, which represent a relationship between their own hands and their work. The photos were published on NTA's Instagram page.

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