TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance in Arbon, CH
Residents for the 2021 programme selected

TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance in Arbon, CH<br>Residents for the 2021 programme selected

Patterning, Benjamin Mengistu Navet 2020, © TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance 

TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance is a cultural promotion programme launched in 2019 by the cantons of Appenzell Ausserrhoden, St.Gallen and Thurgau in cooperation with renowned textile companies in Eastern Switzerland. 

Every year, it offers several national and international personalities a working stay in Arbon. The second open call for projects to be developed in 2021 received wide-ranging attention. The jury – composed of Stefan Aschwanden, Sebastian Lanz, Martin Leuthold, Martha Monstein, Markus Müller, René Rossi, Rebecca S. Schnyder and Peter Trinkl – selected 6 candidates out of 292 applicants from more than 50 countries. From April 2021, the residents will be working in Eastern Switzerland and developing their project in collaboration with TaDA Partners, which include both innovative and traditional textile companies and institutions. 

The selected residents are:

– Ganit Goldstein (Israel) 
– Tobias Kaspar (Switzerland)
– Aesun Kim (South Korea)
– Sonia Li (USA and Taiwan)
– Maidje Meergans (Germany) 
– Benjamin Mengistu Navet (France) 

In addition, Andrea Winkler (Switzerland) and Chun Shao (China), who were selected for 2020 and could not attend the residency last year because of the pandemic situation, will join the programme this year.  

The London-based fashion and textile designer Ganit Goldstein specializes in the development of 3D fashion and smart textiles. From Switzerland, Tobias Kaspar is an artist working in contemporary art with a strong interest in fashion and textiles. Aesun Kim is a South Korean artist and creative practitioner who is interested in human-computer interaction. Sonia Li, based in New York, works with video, enveloping sound environment, vibration surfaces, and dance. The documentary photographer Maidje Meergans from Berlin studied Textile and Surface Design as well as Visual Communication. Benjamin Mengistu Navet, fashion and textile designer based in Brussels, focuses on creating a dialogue between industry and craftmanship. Chun Shao, a Hangzhou-based multimedia artist, researches data-driven art. Her work focuses on the relationship between tactile sensations and feelings. Finally, Andrea Winkler, a Swiss artist living in Berlin, examines the appearance and use of everyday objects and reinterprets them using unusual forms of materialization, including textiles.

Residents can work with the following partner companies and institutions in Eastern Switzerland:   

– Brubo GmbH, Speicher  
– Empa, St.Gallen 
– Filtex AG, St.Gallen  
– Lobra AG, Thal  
– Rigotex AG, Bütschwil  
– Saurer AG, Arbon  
– Schoeller Textil AG, Sevelen  
– Sitterwerk, St.Gallen  
– Textilcolor AG, Sevelen  
– Textildruckerei GmbH, Arbon  
– Textilmuseum, St.Gallen  
– Tisca Tischhauser AG, Bühler  


Textile and Design Alliance 
c/o Textilmuseum St.Gallen 
Vadianstrasse 2
CH-9000 St.Gallen 

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3D weareable kimono collection, Ganit Goldstein 2020, © TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance

London, Tobias Kaspar 2019, © TaDA – Textile and Design Alliance

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