Successor for carpet manufactory wanted
Sächsische Teppichmanufaktur, Frankenberg, DE

Successor for carpet manufactory  wanted<br>Sächsische Teppichmanufaktur, Frankenberg, GE

The Sächsische Teppichmanufaktur in Frankenberg has been weaving pure new wool carpets of the highest quality for 112 years. The grandson of the co-founder, Eberhard Witzschel, has been running the company since 1971. Unfortunately, due to his age, the carpet manufactory is about to close down. Until the end of the year, Eberhard Witzschel is desperately looking for a successor, for people who can secure the tradition and future of the manufactory. Otherwise, the company will be closed down.

In the manufactory, 14 jacquard looms, some of them with 4 choruses, are operated on a production area of 3000 square metres. It is absolutely unique that Mr. Eberhard Witzschel can beat every conceivable jacquard card for the most varied mechanical jacquard looms in the manufactory.
The focus is on individual and small series productions of Bouclé and Tournay carpets according to customers' wishes. This also includes replicas of historically valuable carpets as well as individual pieces for special representative purposes. Be it for castles, villas, company centres or even complicated staircases or carriages. Especially carpets for church interiors, for example altar place carpets or runners, are produced here. The high-quality, unique carpets are made according to historical models, according to the requirements of the preservation of historical monuments or according to the wishes of the congregation in terms of pattern and colour.
The Sächsische Teppichmanufaktur uses almost only natural fibres, in the pile material 100% virgin wool or hair yarn, 30% goat hair, 70% virgin wool. All yarns used are dyed in specific colours according to the customer's wishes using the strand dyeing process according to the classical model. This means that any colour is possible. Technical fabrics can also be produced according to the customer's wishes, using the available machine possibilities from a wide variety of fibrous materials.

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Interview with Eberhard Witzschel (in german):
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