Stitch your story - stories of migration and belonging
Open Call, organized by the British Textile Biennial
Deadline: 27.08.2021

Stitch your story - stories of migration and belonging<br>Open Call, organized by the British Textile Biennial<br>Deadline: 27.08.2021

Work by Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene shown as part on #BTB2019.
Image by Richard Tymon, source:

In 2021, British Textile Biennial turns its attention to the global nature of textiles and the relationships they create, both historically and now. As part of this year’s biennial we are inviting people across the country and hopefully the globe to share their own story of migration and belonging in a crowdsourced collection of stitched hoops curated by Jamie “Mr X Stitch” Chalmers featuring people’s journeys and reflections on their personal heritage.

Using a 6” hoop, stitchers are encouraged to share the stories of how they ended up where they are now. Whether this journey be across continents or down the street, in a literal depiction or an abstract impression, we invite you to share in stitch what your place and community means to you now.

Stitchers will be given free rein to express themselves within their hoops, but the outcome will be to share their personal story in stitch with the Textile Biennial audience, with the installation hung in a mass installation as part of the Biennial programme.

The collection of pieces will be hung using ceiling suspension and fishing wire to create an installation that visitors can walk through and explore to create a moving exhibition (quite literally as the air movement in the space will cause the hoops to sway) that people can discover and come to learn not only about the places that are represented, but also the global community of stitchers that have participated.

How to submit work:

Please send your work to Jamie Chalmers (Mr X Stitch) at 55 Broughton Lane, Wistaston, Crewe, Cheshire. CW2 8JR. by Friday 27th August.
To be included work needs to fit in 6”embroidery hoop . We will mount all the work in hoops on arrival so you don’t need to send in the hoop! Please include your name, email address, region or country and postcode along with your stitched work – If you want to tell us about the place you live that can be added to the digital version of the installation that will be running online for the duration of the Biennial.

Small print: Where possible pieces submitted will be included in a digital archive that will accompany the physical exhibition. We shall not accept submissions from / or exhibit pieces that are discriminatory in accordance with the Equality Act 2010

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