Selvedge World Fair
Online, 31.08 – 05.09.2021
24-hour live talks on 4th September
Discount for ETN members!

Selvedge World Fair<br>Online, 31.08 – 05.09.2021<br>24-hour live talks on 4th September<br>Discount for ETN members!

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In September of 2021, Selvedge will host the second Selvedge World Fair, a six-day festival celebrating cloth, culture and creativity. A curated group of one hundred and fifty of the world’s finest master artisans from as many countries as possible will join together to tell their stories, share their skills and demonstrate sustainability at its very best.

The main focus of the activity this year will take place on Saturday 4 September 2021 when Selvedge will broadcast a 24-hour live event (via Zoom) from locations around the world. The virtual microphone will be passed from country to country throughout the day, beginning in Auckland at midnight and ending in Vancouver, 24 hours later. Passing through Hong Kong, Jaipur, Baku, Haslach, Cairo, London, Bogota, Santiago and Oaxaca Each satellite host will curate a two-hour slot filled with talks, Q&A sessions, artisan interviews, studio visits, film screenings, etc., focusing on the indigenous textiles produced in that region.

Please find the detailed programme here:

The World Fair aims to develop economic opportunities for the makers of handmade textiles from around the world, to support the development and preservation of cultural traditions, and to introduce the public to the beauty of handmade textiles.

Selvedge has been celebrating textiles, old and new, for eighteen years. It remains the only magazine to cover every facet of fine textiles in an intelligent, stylish and contemporary manner. Within each issue Selvedge covers the most inspiring textiles from all over the globe.

Discount for ETN members
We are honoured that the Textile Centre Haslach will also be part of the World Fair Talks on 4th September. In this frame it will be also possible to present ETN and we are very happy about this collaboration. Polly Lenard, the founder of Selvedge, offers members of ETN and friends of the Textile Centre Haslach a 25% discount on the cost of a ticket to the Selvedge World Fair. Please send us an e-mail to receive the code – Thank you!

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