digital seminar series exploring the history of dress, fashion & bodily adornment
21.01. – 29.04.2021

SARTORIAL SOCIETY SERIES<br>digital seminar series exploring the history of dress, fashion & bodily adornment<br>21.01. – 29.04.2021

The Sartorial Society Series is a new digital seminar programme, which aims to showcase the most exciting and innovative research in the historical study of dress, fashion, and bodily adornment. 
Each season of the series will consist of 6 online seminars, conducted fortnightly over an online platform. Our inaugural season of papers, Creative Approaches to Dress History, launched Autumn 2020 and will be followed by our second season, Human Stories of Dress, starting in January 2021. Sessions run on Thursday evenings from 6pm. 
Sessions will contain papers from two or three speakers, as we strive to make connections and draw out the symbiotic threads across our work. 
Most importantly, the series will encourage collegiality and will be an open, inclusive and friendly space to meet others interested in dress history. We encourage BYO wine, tea or soft drink of choice and invite you to join the post-talk Q&A. 
The Sartorial Society Series is organised by a group of dress historians and curators with the aim of celebrating the diverse, innovative, and excellent research emerging in the field of dress history. We want to create a space that welcomes and supports dress historians from all backgrounds, and fosters positive connections within our field. 


21st January 2021: Life Fragments:

Alison Matthews David & Kate Strasdin (20-minute paper)
Missing Friends: Stitching Together Stories from Nineteenth-century Textile Swatches

Alden O’Brien (20-minute paper)
Dress and Dressmaking as Seen in a Connecticut Diary, 1801-21 ​

28th January 2021: Subversions & Traditions:

Katie May Anderson (10-minute paper)
Evolving heritage: Queer interactions with Dutch folk dress

​Li-Xuan Teo (10-minute paper)
The Kebaya in 20th Century Malaysia and Singapore

Ilya Parkins (20-minute paper)
Feeling Cool, Feeling Powerful: Wedding Apparel Experiences of Queer and Trans People

11th February 2021: Recontextualised Lives:

Isabella Rosner (20-minute paper)
Sampling Samplers: Sartorial Experiments in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Faith Cooper (20-minute paper)
A Fashionable Fetish: Examining the Qipao in the Eyes of the West

25th February 2021: Book Launch:

Serena Dyer
Material Lives: Women Makers and Consumer Culture in the 18th Century

11th March 2021: Re-examining Class

Lucie Bea Dutton (10-minute paper)
Queens of Silk

Kristina Francescutti (10-minute paper)
“Not the Wife of a Noble”: The Sartorial Biography of an Italian Common Woman

Valerie Wilson (20-minute paper)
Cut, make and trim: Women’s work in garment manufacturing in Ulster 1880 – 1960

25th March 2021: Collection Stories:

Emily Gallagher (10-minute paper)
Uncovering Victorian and Edwardian (1850-1910) working-class dress in England’s museums

Lucie Whitmore & Bethan Bide (20-minute paper)
Lost & Found: Human stories in Jewish-made fashion objects

Cassie Davies-Strodder (20-minute paper)
Lost Stories: Personal collections of clothing and the museum

15th April 2021: Illustrating Bodies:

Holly Fletcher (20-minute paper)
Fatness and Fashion: The Dressed Experience of Bodyweight in Early Modern Germany

Dolla Merrillees (20-minute paper)
From Isfahan to London

29th April 2021: Self-Fashioned Youth

Mariela Aguero (10-minute paper)
Post-Subcultural Groups in Costa Rica: Clothing Styles During the 1990

Rosie Findlay (20-minute paper)
Fashion as Mood, Style as Atmosphere: Creative Fashion Writingin London Review of Looks

Jo Jenkinson (20-minute paper)
Portrait Youth: Documenting narratives of youth through styling and dress


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