Samtaler: Exhibition of Kari Aasen and Kiyoshi Yamamoto
Bømlo Kulturhus, Bremnes, NO
24.06. - 13.08.2023

Samtaler: Exhibition of Kari Aasen and Kiyoshi Yamamoto<br>Bømlo Kulturhus, Bremnes, NO<br>24.06. - 13.08.2023

From 24 June to 13 August, Bømlo Kunstlag presents the exhibition of Kari Aasen and Kiyoshi Yamamoto, " Samtaler ", in Bømlo Kulturhus.

Opening Saturday 24 June at 13:00

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Sunday 13:00 - 16:30

It is the first time Kari and Kiyoshi exhibit together and the exhibition is a meeting between two artists from each generation.

They have a workshop in the same hall at USF Verftet in Bergen and have been working on each other's works for the past year. It is the result of this "conversation" that I get to experience at the exhibition. The conversation also takes the form of the artists' own works that "conversate" in the room.

Kari Aasen (1950) has been an artist for over fifty years and in Bømlo she has shown her ceramic works both in Wichmann smia and in Bømlo Kulturhus earlier. Aasen has a diploma from the Bergen School of Arts and Crafts and a major from the Bergen Academy of the Arts. She has had exhibitions in a number of countries, from China to Germany and Svalbard and has been purchased by many institutions and has had several decoration commissions. The work "Diary notes" is part of the decoration at Svortland Ungdomsskule. In the autumn she will come to Haugesund Biledgalleri.

Kiyoshi Yamamoto (1980) is educated at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Escola de Belas Artes, Rio de Janeiro, and Saint Marin's School of Arts and Design, London. Yamamoto has had a number of solo exhibitions, is a member of Norske Tekstilkunstnere and works with a variety of different materials. In 2023, he will be shown in TAG team Bergen, Munch Museum, Moderna Museet, Danish Design Museum and London Design Weekend - and at Bømlo. He has been purchased by several institutions, including the Norwegian embassy in Brasilia.

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