Regard d’artiste – Raija Jokinen
Exhibition & new Book
Château Trevarez, Saint Goazec, Finistére, FR
30.04 - 09.10.2022

Regard d’artiste – Raija Jokinen Exhibition & new Book Château Trevarez, Saint Goazec, Finistére, France

Raija Jokinen, photo: Philippe Robin

Raija Jokinen creates her works with flax, a natural material used for thousands of years by human societies. However, instead of spinning and weaving the fibers like it’s traditionally done, she assembles them freely with a manner that resembles drawing and painting. After creating images with flax she stitch an extra layer of drawing with a sewing machine. It could be said that her technique is located to the meeting point of drawing, painting, sculpture, paper making and textiles. 

Raija’s works look fragile, but the structure of flax is strong. Her works are often commented sensitive and revealing simultaneously the fragility and the strength of a human being and nature. Depicting human feelings, aims and desires they resonate with contemporary issues.

The exhibition belongs to the series of "Regard d’Artiste" organized by Chemins du Patrimoine de Finistrére since 2011 and presents new works and installations made especially for Domaine de Trévarez, Saint-Goazec. Exhibition spreads  to the historical castle and its surrounding park and the stables providing also background information about Raija’s art in a form of 2 videos and a collection of former pieces. At the castle installations and recent creations are reflecting the human nature and history of the site. The works outside blend into the vegetation of the remarkable gardens with the ever-changing growth.

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A book Regard d’artiste – Raija Jokinen

Finnish artist Raija Jokinen approaches the relationship of human beings with nature using natural material, flax which she uses like a paint or clay. Her delicate works are playing with our perception of spaces and organic silhouettes are stamped with a gentle melancholy. Trained in weaving and textile design at the University of Art and Design in Finland in the late 1980s, Raija Jokinen has exhibited her works for more than 30 years all over the world and has received numerous awards. This book is the first monograph about her works and it’s published in connection with the exhibition Regard d’Artiste by Chemins du Patrimoine du Finistére 2022 (
The book consists with 96 pages with 60 color images and all texts in English and French. The texts are by Mari Lehtosalo, the head curator of Kouvola Art Museum in Finland and artist, art critique Hannu Castrén. 
The book can be ordered from the French publisher Locus Solus ( at the price of 20€ + postal fee.
Domaine de Trévarez
EPCC Chemins du patrimoine en Finistère - Domaine de Trévarez
29520 Saint-Goazec

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