Raija Jokinen
Solo exhibition at the Voipaala Art Center, Valkeakoski, FI
14.02. – 19.04.2020

Raija Jokinen - solo exhibition at the Voipaala Art Center,

Kuihtuneita Kohtia 2020,
Photo: © Raija Jokinen


The works of the Finnish textile artist and ETN member Raija Jokinen are currently shown at the Voipaala Art Center in Valkeakoski. Raija Jokinen graduated at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki 1990 and draws and paints with textile fibres. She is known for her original textile technique and pictorial expression, in which shapes resembling the physical nature of man are merging into natural shapes. With her work, Raija Jokinen brings to us a life-sustaining world of shapes tha can be found in almost every living thing. In the expression of each, the rich form language of organic forms varies from roots to entangled twig networks – resulting in fragile appearance, but with a strong visual or abstract content.

The exhibition celebrates the artist Raija Jokinen, who was chosen as the Textile Artist of the Year 2020 by Textile Artist TEXO. Textile Artists TEXO is a professional organization in the field of textile art in Finland. Since 1981, TEXO has annually named its distinguished member the Textile Artist of the Year. The award is the most significant textile art award in Finland.

Duration: 14.02. – 19.04.2020

Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Aarre 2017
Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Solmunavaaja 2019
Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Sisainen puutarha 2014
Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Jarjestäjä 2019
Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Unirytmi 2018
Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Exhibition view at Voipaala 2020
Photo: @ Raija Jokinen

Raija Jokinen
Photo: A_Hedvall

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