Solo Exhibition Raija Jokinen
Galleria Saskia, Tampere, FI
15.09. - 04.10.2023

Solo Exhibition Raija Jokinen<br>Galleria Saskia, Tampere, FI<br>15.09. - 04.10.2023

A Play, 2023 (a detail) photo: Raija Jokinen

One fiber at a time I picture situations, feelings of being, and the twists and turns in our lives using linum usitassimum fiber. The images I construct picture a human, through whom our internal and environmental moods intersect. The external affects the internal and vice versa, obscuring our view of the boundary between the two.

My works often depict organic patterns reminiscent of the physical form of a person that intertwines and merge into forms similar to roots and branches. The similarity and endless variation of these forms and their life-sustaining character, where fragility and strength go hand in hand bring a sense of fascination.

My way of working can be compared to painting, drawing, and sculpting, with the paint instead being flax – linen fiber – usually used in oil painting canvases. My technique stems from traditional textile- and papermaking, allowing my works to take shape freely and not be limited by frames. When displayed, the open structures create repetitions through light and shadow.

My works have been exhibited in 200 domestic and foreign exhibitions since 1990. I live and work in Finland but display worldwide. I was awarded the honorary mention Textile Artist of the Year 2020, the most esteemed prize in Finnish fiber arts. In addition to receiving recognition and multiple awards, a book ”Regard d’artiste” was published in France 2022 by Chemins du Patrimoine en Finistére and Locus Solus Edition, presenting my work. I have also appeared in other publications of international contemporary fiber arts.

Further information:
Raija Jokinen
instagram @raijajokinen

The Growth Cycle, 2023, photo: Raija Jokinen

A Thinker, 2022 (a detail), photo: Raija Jokinen

The Feeling of Darkness, 2023 (a detail), photo: Raija Jokinen

The Warning Sound, 2023, photo: Raija Jokinen

A Play, 2023, photo: Raija Jokinen

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