Quilt Art – Material Evidence
Handwerksmuseum Deggendorf, DE
11.10. 2022 – 22.01.2023

Quilt Art – Material Evidence<br>Handwerksmuseum Deggendorf, DE<br>11.10. 2022 – 22.01.2023

An exhibition by Quilt Art

“Material Evidence” explores the themes of memory and the power of stitch. All the artists take as their starting point the quilt as a cultural artefact with its unique aesthetic qualities, but they are extremely diverse in their interpretation and the work does not necessarily conform to the traditional definition of a ‘quilt’. 

This exhibition celebrates the rich legacy of women artists who make art through quilting and textiles. It was inspired by the life and textile art of Mary Fogg, a founder member of the group and influential quilt artist, who died in 2016 at the age of 95. 

“Material Evidence” is a travelling exhibition that started in London in 2019 and has since also been shown in Hungary, the Netherlands and Germany. The Crafts Museum in Deggendorf is the last station of the exhibition.

About Quilt Art

Quilt Art is an educational charity and the first group of its kind in Europe and was founded in Britain in 1985 to develop the quilt as an artistic medium and promote its recognition as an art form. Its members are all leading practitioners who exhibit nationally and internationally. 

The group responds to the challenge of keeping the work fresh, innovative and distinctive by maintaining a small but rigorously selected membership and by its international membership. 

The artists come from Britain, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark and the United States.

Many have won major awards and been selected into prestigious exhibitions.  Their work has been acquired by public institutions such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the American Museum of Arts & Design in New York, The Quilt Museum in York and the International Quilt Study Center in Nebraska, as well as by numerous private collectors.  Several are also well-known teachers, lecturers and authors.  

Some experiment with paint, dye and print, unusual materials or three dimensions.  Some work at the cutting edge of technology, using digitally programmed embroidery or photographic techniques.  Others confine themselves to fabric and thread, feeling that their expressive potential is far from exhausted.  All are united by their passion for fabric, stitch, color and texture and the limitless creative possibilities of the textile surface.

Quilt Art mounts travelling exhibitions every two or three years in Britain and Europe and has also exhibited in the United States, Canada, Japan and Russia.

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