Podcasts “Tales of Textiles”
by handweaver and writer Jo Andrews

Podcasts “Tales of Textiles”<br>by handweaver and writer Jo Andrews


We can recommend listening to the very interesting podcast series “Tales of Textiles” by Jo Andrews which is part of the website “Haptic & Hue”.

 Jo Andrews is a British weaver of stories and cloth and spent many years as a senior reporter and political correspondent for a British television network. She has been weaving for over twenty years, slowly expanding her skills and the range of weaving she makes. At the same time she has been reading and thinking about the influence of cloth and cloth making on history and trade.

Textiles have an incredible power to talk to us, if we can hear them. They comfort and console us, create memories, define who we are and what we might believe in. They are a detective story that we can hold. Haptic and Hue’s Tales of Textiles are an invitation to explore a world of colour and touch and listen to the chatter of cloth.

Haptic and Hue looks at textiles across Europe and thinks about their history and place in our cultures. You can find episodes of about 20 minutes with full explanatory notes, transcription and photos on the website, for instance about weavers and designers of the French fashion industry, the embroiderers of Haute Couture the generation of European women who became textile designers in the 1950s and 60s and many other interesting themes.

Enjoy listening:


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