Online fashion show
of the Ikat weaving village
"Wisdom from the Forest" (IKTT)

Online fashion show<br>of the Ikat weaving village<br>"Wisdom from the Forest" (IKTT)

Weaver Sam Pos, presenting an Ikat fabric, Source: Photo and Movie | Iktt (

ETN member Klaus Rink reported in his article “The Soul of Silk: A Journey” in May last year in detail about the weaving village “Wisdom from the Forest” (IKTT - Innovation of Khmer Traditional Textiles Organization) in Cambodia, which is famous for its Ikat weaving and manual silk production.

The village lives heavily from cultural tourism and from the sale of the beautiful hand-woven, naturally dyed Ikat fabrics.
Due to the Corona crisis, the number of visitors has decreased significantly in the last year. The well-known Silkworm festival could not be held either. Instead, the village community has come up with a special replacement with which they also want to thank everyone who supports the initiative: A loving video was created in which the women of the village and the craftswomen who make the ikats are presenting in a fashion show their fabrics with pride in a very special way. You can feel how much the village is defined by the Ikat production and what connection there is with the founder of the initiative, Kikuo Morimoto, who died in 2017.

Video and photos fashion show:
Photo and Movie | Iktt (


A new website has also been launched to provide an overview of the products that are made in the village:

This online market does not currently have a digital shopping cart. But if you are interested in a product and would like to support the village with a purchase during this difficult time, it is best to contact the organizers directly:

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