Nouveautés – Art school and lace industry
Exhibition at Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden, DE
01.05. - 07.11. 2021

Nouveautés – Art school and lace industry Exhibition at Schloss Pillnitz, Dresden, DE  01.05.  -07.11. 2021

Exhibition view, Photo: David Pinzer

The German city of Plauen has always been known for its top tradition. What would “Plauen Lace” be without the Art School for the Textile Industry in Plauen? The designs of the “Nouveautés”, the style-defining novelties of the embroidery and lace industry in the Vogtland, were largely from the pens of this institution’s graduates.

The history and the activities of the Plauen Art School between 1877 and 1945 are now being presented comprehensively for the first time in a joint exhibition by the Kunstgewerbemuseum of the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and the Vogtland Museum Plauen.

The fascinating designs are accompanied in the exhibition by textiles, pattern folders, and fashion photographs from the Art School’s former collections, which survived their destruction during the Second World War and are now preserved in the Vogtland Museum Plauen. Lace products from the Plauen industry, mainly from the collection of the Museum of Decorative Arts, provide insight into the diversity of designs inspired by the Art School’s drafts.

In Vitanje, the bobbin lace centre of Slovenia, a bobbin lace giant was developed. As an XXL hammock, it will serve as a usable hang-out in the Pillnitz outdoor area over the summer. We will even “tie in” with this and want to create more hang-outs together with our visitors over the summer! 

Four contemporary design positions that can be discovered parallel to the exhibition in the rooms of the Wasserpalais and in the vicinity of Pillnitz Palace and Park show that ‘lace’ can still stimulate textile-graphic and sensual works of art today.

The textile designer and graduate of the BURG Giebichenstein Art College Halle Magdalena Sophie Orland surprises with a new, hand-made lace that opens up a wide range of possible uses and that she explores together with Susanne Ostwald, also a textile designer.

An extensive catalog was also created for the exhibition:

Schloss Pillnitz

August-Böckstiegel-Straße 2
D - 01326 Dresden

DATES 01/05/2021—07/11/2021
Opening Hours Freitag to Sonntag 10—17 

Exhibition view, Magdalena Sophie Orland: BETWEEN_SPACE, Flock tip dot grid
Photo: David Pinzer

Exhibition view, photo: David Pinzer

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