1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennale
01.06. – 01.10.2022, Beijing, CN
Deadline: 31.12.2021

MATERIAL THINKING <br>1st International Contemporary Material Art Biennale<br>01.06 – 01.10.2022, Beijing, CH<br>Deadline: 31.12.2021

The first International Contemporary Material Art Biennale is organised by the Art Institute of the Department of Art and Design, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Conceptual only or digital works only will not be selected. Neither classical tapestries.


Along with changes in the environment, population, geography, and economy, the textual approach adopted by this cultural shift has become increasingly inadequate for an understanding of contemporary society. Therefore, we are delighted to discover that materialism has set off again in this new era. A wave of New Materialism has emerged, which allows us to re-understand material and emphasize the role of material factors in shaping society and expressing human vision.

New materialism focuses on the latest physics and biology research results, re-examines our inert understanding of matter, and gives it a dynamic, sporadic, and spiritual side. The theory of materialism investigates the impact of materiality that shapes our lives, relationships with ourselves, others, and the world. It reviews the anthropocentrism** advocated by modernity, turning into post-humanism for ecological development. In the new materialists' eyes, materialization is a complex, diverse, and relatively open process. Progress of the materialized production immersed human beings. Therefore, materiality should be given its due status and then used to intervene in the analysis and rethink social politics, such as material culture, geopolitical space, critical realism, critical international political economy, globalization, and environmentalism. The new materialism provides a philosophical vision and academic frontier support constructing contemporary material art theory and value.

We propose constructing the theoretical basis of the exhibition with the philosophical vision of materials, new materials, and new materialism. Physical materials are the most important medium for artists to create. In the context of contemporary art, the emphasis on the text and dematerialization, along with the supremacy of concepts, not only exploit and mechanize materials and the materialization process but also gradually formed a kind of artistic discourse in the context of contemporary art. Reconstruction and perception of contemporary art are based on a materialistic perspective, opening up different possibilities and looking forward to different voices, including regional and minority, such as Oriental, third-world, feminine voices, marginalized by mainstream art discourse during the last decades. The "new" materials include lately added, or with the development of science and technology discovered materials; besides that, the "new" title refers to re-understanding materials in unique ways and perspectives. This new perception reflects the relationship between the use of materials and modern human life and explores the connection between human beings and the world through materials in the Internet age.

Material thinking is the fundamental concept of the exhibition; this concept reflects the subjectivity and initiative of materials and aspirations to introduce qualitative research into the exploration of contemporary material art. Our primary intention in creating this academic platform is to concentrate on the materials, re-emphasize the power of the material, and ideate the transformation process from materials to artistic media. Over the materials exploration process, gradually unfold different dimensions of history, life, and society and reconstruct new horizons of contemporary art. We believe that the essential purpose of the material art exhibition is to build a comprehensive academic platform and create a strong network with artists and scholars worldwide through the aspiration and love for material art.

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