Magnae Chartae
Homo Faber Event 2022, Venice, IT
10.04 – 01.05.2022

Magnae Chartae Homo Faber Event 2022, Venice, IT 10.04 – 01.05.2022

Umbrella Installation Matsuda Wakasa Artisans Simone Padovani ©Michelangelo Foundation

Visitors to Homo Faber Event 2022 in Venice will look upon paper in a new light. Through the skill, imagination and passion of its crafters, discover how a humble material is transformed into sophisticated artworks by the versatility of the human hand in the exhibition Magnae Chartae.

Paper is a delicate material, yet, if carefully safeguarded, it can withstand centuries to share the narratives of civilisations captured by the written word; it can uphold constitutional laws and change the course of history through the simple gesture of a letter. There is more power to paper than we might acknowledge in this modern world of machines, where perhaps its uses are deemed ever superfluous. Paper is a decorative blank canvas which becomes a creative outlet for writers and artists equipped with pens, paintbrushes, scalpels, printing technology or simply their hands. This deeply meaningful coexistence between the elements is explored in depth in this exhibition.

From intricate miniature paper cuttings to mesmerising sculptures made of thousands of strips of paper, Magnae Chartae pays homage to the diversity and versatility of paper, and the creativity, skill and imagination of those artisans who choose to work with it. Discover the papier mâché bowls of Swedish paper artist Cecilia Levy, made from the pages of old books; the interlocking geometric sculptures of Greek paper folder Zoe Keramea; and the complex origami figures of Finnish artisan Juho Könkkölä, created from a single piece of white paper.

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Origami For Life Charles Kaisin Designer Simone Padovani ©Michelangelo Foundation

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