Looking for lost Brains
Call for the Stitch Your Brain publication
Deadline: 15.03.2021

Looking for lost Brains Call for the Stitch Your Brain publication<br>Deadline: 15.03.2021

Stitch you brain - overview, photo: Monika_Auch

In collaboration with an international publisher and a well known Dutch Design Studio the results of long term STITCH YOUR BRAIN project will be published in a book. 
This is an invitation and call to all of you, who might have a brain kit and forgot about it or discontinued the project to send the work and get your brain published in the book.
For a valuable study and significant results on creativity it is important to receive information about ‘unfinished’ brains, as well.

A short update:
The project was launched in 2013 In Dundee at the international IMPACT conference.
In 2014 the project was presented at several conferences.
The Brain show during the 2015 Leiden Textile Festival was visited by about 4.000 visitors.
After a presentation at the ETN conference Gawthorpe Textile Collection in Lancashire distributed 30 kits to their community.
In 2016 Gawthorpe Hall hosted an exhibition with all of the works.
Preliminary findings from the study were published in ‘Crafting textiles in a digital age’, Bloomsbury Academic Publication, 2016.
In 2017 the The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences invited me to talk about the project. https://vimeo.com/215657149 (Dutch only)
During the 2017 ETN conference in Sweden more SYB kits were taken as far as Australia and Canada.
In 2018 the Amsterdam Brain show was hosted which started the ‘Amsterdam Brain Collection’, which is set up as a traveling collection.
2019 After a residency as artist in Norway the project involves Scandinavian participants.2021 The collection contains nearly 100 unique works, the results of the study yield insights about hand-brain creativity and the influence on well-being and education.

More information and contact:
Monika Auch



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