Liz Williams: Weaving Eucalypts Project
UNSW Galleries, Sydney, AU
18.06. – 14.08.2022

Liz Williams: Weaving Eucalypts Project<br>UNSW Galleries, Sydney, AU<br>18.06. – 14.08.2022

This collaborative project by Australian weaver Liz Williamson explores local colour, cultural connections, and shared weaving traditions. It extends from Williamson’s research into experiments with Australian natural dye plants and unique colours extracted from locally sourced plants. The project features 100 panels woven by Williamson with fabric dyed by 60 collaborators with over 50 eucalypts species identified and sourced from over 50 locations.  

In 2020, Williamson began inviting colleagues in Australia and India to colour silk fabric with eucalyptus leaves collected locally. Once received in her studio, the fabric was stripped and woven into panels referencing the traditions of woven rag rugs and ‘making do’ where ‘new’ items are made from old or readily available materials. In this project, the fabric is new while the colour is readily available in eucalyptus leaves, bark, and twigs. The woven panels reflect place and location while the process has created a unique community of practitioners. 

Since 2021, the project has expanded to connect with more colleagues in Australia and India as well as other countries touched by the Indian Ocean – Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Thailand.

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UNSW Galleries
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