Land and Sea, fiber art (China – Spain)
China Cultural Center in Madrid, ES
02.02. - 27.03.2024

Land and Sea, fiber art (China – Spain) China Cultural Center in Madrid, ES 02.02. - 27.03.2024

Wang Shen (China)
Combustion 2015

  • The exhibition Land and Sea, seeks to capture reality in the most intimate essence of the natural world, and the interpretation of the landscape in the works of the 39 artists from China and Spain participating in the exhibition with fiber
    as the conductive thread.
  • This journey bridges the gap between the two worlds: the Orient and The West, by means of the Silk Road, a two-way conversation between the curators of the exhibition, as it was the way to disseminate ideas, knowledge in the field of culture, science and diplomatic relations.
  • Commemoration of the 50th anniversary of foreign relations between China and Spain.
  • Open to the public free of charge from February 2 to March 27, 2024 at the Chinese Cultural Center in Madrid.
  • Promote/Boost cultural exchange between China and Spain.

The Cultural Center of China in Madrid organizes the exhibition Land and Sea, fiber art (China – Spain) in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the between China and Spain.

This exhibition will be part of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon 2024 events calendar and will open on February 2, 2024, is the second exhibition of the Chinese-Spanish art exchange program ̈PrimaveArt ̈.

The exhibition Land and Sea (山海不为远) brings us closer to the art of fiber to trace the link with tradition and contemporaneity in a journey, in order to express the feelings, ideas and spiritual conception of each of the artists. It aims to capture - more than a faithful reproduction of nature - reality in the intimate essence of the natural world in the works of artists from China and Spain
who participate in the exhibition.

One of the most ancient Chinese poems (志合者,不以山海为远) tells us:
"Nothing, neither the mountains nor the sea, can separate people who have the same goal and vision."

Going off these two ideas, we generated the common thread of this exhibition, the fiber and the representation of nature in different concepts, techniques and materials. Throughout the exhibition we will be able to see the interpretation of the different landscapes made in fiber, in connection with the land, the sea, the sky and humanity; the yang reflecting the mountains and yin the flowing waters in a balance between the two elements. This two-way look is also a route of exchange of knowledge and cultural relations between the two curators of the exhibition, and shows María Ortega's interest in bringing the Art of Asian Fiber to Spain. As a result, the exhibition Land and Sea, fiber art from China and Spain comes to be, where the works of 39 artists who either practice, develop or practice the art of fiber, an artistic technique of not only international prestige but also academic, with the exhibition being represented by 14 Universities and Institutes from China. Of them, 17 artists will be presenting their works onsite and 25 artists remotely via online. (19 works and 11 digital works).

The exhibition is curated and organized by Lin Lecheng, professor at the Tsinghuan University and founder of the International Fiber Art Biennial "From Lausanne to Beijing" together with María Ortega, artist, cultural manager, curator and general director of the X Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art 25 years WTA, Madrid Spain 2022, VIII International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art WTASustainable City, Madrid Spain 2019 and Madrid Ambassador of the Madrid Convention

Artists List:
17 artists onsite/ 19 works
Gong Jianpei (China), Li Xiaohui (China), Liang Xuefang (China), Lin Lecheng (China), Liu Hui (China), Lv Pintian(China), María Ortega (Spain), Ren Guanghui (China), Su Caomulan (China), Wang Kai (China), Wu Huirong(China), Wu Jing (China), Wu Qinglin (China), Xu Wen(China), Yang Jianxin (China),Zhang Baohua (China), Zhuang Ziping (China).

25 artists online / 11 works
Cai Jianzhong(China), Cao Shuai(China), Dong Shuhuai(China), Guo Lihua (China), Huang Pengchuan (China), Jiang Tao (China), Li Guangzhong (China), Lin Lecheng (China), Lin Yuehong(China), Liu Jude (China), Liu Qianrui (China), Pang Dongming (China), Qiao Xiaoguang (China), Ren Wei (China), Wang Kai (China), Wang Shen (China) ,Wei Di (China), Wen Bo (China), Wu Jing(China),Xiong Taotao (China), Yang Zhijin (China), Yi Wangyuan(China), Zhang Huanbao(China), Zhang Minjie (China), Zhang Ni (China).

14 Universities
Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, Central Academy of Fine Art, China Academy of Art, Chinese National Academy of Arts, Hangzhou City University, Liaoning Art&Design Technology Institute, Nanjing University of the Arts, Luxun Academy of Fine Arts, Shandong Youth University of Political Science, Shenzhen Polytechnic University, Suzhou Art&Design Technology Institute, Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, Yunnan Minzu University.

Organized by: The Cultural Center of China in Madrid
Organized and curated: Lin Lecheng and María Ortega Gálvez
Exhibition design: María Ortega Gálvez
Graphic design of the exhibition: Claudia Ospina
Acknowledgements: Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Spain and the Aids for creation in the visual arts in the year 2023 Community of Madrid Liquid World project.

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