knit font / Strick Schrift
Fadenatelier Hittisau, AT
14-01. – 25.02.2023

knit font / Strick Schrift<br>Fadenatelier Hittisau, AT<br>14-01. – 25.02.2023

detail of the exhibition knit font / Strick Schrift, photo: Sabine Schwarz, AT

Seven thread artists have been developing and implementing innovative knitting projects for years. Far from clichés, knitting for a specific purpose and dependent on instructions, this textile process is being developed in the form of an aesthetic research project. The women conduct field research in everyday life through observation and research and look for historical, media-theoretical, cultural and socio-historical evidence.
A combination of writing and knitting – the two systems have similarities in their essential structure. Writing with letters, pictorial elements, syllables and words to form texts, knitting with threads that are connected to form loops and stitches to form rows or in free form to form surfaces – text and texture.

The result is joint work, but also individual objects - always against the background of the common cause. Nine areas were knitted by the artists: letter-word images, handwritten/knitted, signs, everyday words/puns, textures, legible and illegible, pixel and patch, wearable writing and writing reliefs. The exhibition is accompanied by portfolios on the topics with material samples, drafts and concepts. As different as these areas are, as connecting and individual are the knitted implementations at the highest quality level.

“We used knitting to give the writing with its characters, words and texts a special form. As a form of performance art, knitting is freed from the functional function that restricts it. Knitted as written, as drawn, as told, as shaped.”

Artists: Eveline Bischof, Petra Dauzenroth, Cornelia Duelli, Gertud Faißt, Frieda Faller, Roswitha Noventa, Karin Riedmann

Holzwerkstatt Faißt
Nussbaum 361
6952 Hittisau

Opening times:
14.1.2023 to 25.2.2023
Friday and Saturday 3pm-6pm and by appointment: +43 664 2444978

Text and all photos: Sabine Schwarz, AT

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