Japanese Textiles
Online Pecha-Kucha organized by selvedge

Japanese Textiles<br>Online Pecha-Kucha organized by selvedge<br>20.03.2021

Photo: Christina Leitner

Selvedge announces an interesting online event on Saturday 20 March 2021, 2-4pm GMT.
This Pech-Kucha event will cover a range of Japanese textiles and techniques including Kumihimo, Sashiko, Boro, Indigo and much more. More speakers will be announced in the next few weeks on the website: https://www.selvedge.org/collections/talks/products/saturday-20-march-2021-japanese-textiles-pecha-kucha .


Makiko Tada
Makiko Tada has been researching and producing Japanese braids “Kumihimo” for 50 years and Andean braids for 38 years. She is a researcher, designer and lecturer and has has published widely on Kumihimo including seven "Comprehensive Treatise of Braids."
She has repaired medieval braids, such as picture scrolls and scripture braids which from the eighth to fourteenth centuries for museums and shrines. From this work, she collected a series of square braids which were produced in the eighth to fourteenth centuries and are preserved as important national treasures in Japan. She has since developed a braiding machine that manufactures braids that can be developed to produce square braids with various cross sections such as L, C, and H types. 

Yoshiko Wada
Yoshiko  Iwamoto Wada is an artist, curator, researcher, and an exponent of traditional and sustainable practices in textile production. She holds a BFA in Textile Art from Japan, an MFA in Painting from the USA, and received the Japan Foundation Fellowship in 1979 and 1996 which yielded the definitive books, Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing, and later Memory on Cloth: Shibori Now. In 1973, she co-authored Ikat: An Introduction, the first technical instruction book in English on kasuri, Japanese ikat weaving.

Yoshiko is President of the World Shibori Network. She also consults for designers, including for the Hollywood film, “Memoirs of a Geisha”; Cirque du Soleil; and Christina Kim of dosa inc. Yoshiko is a leader in the  Slow Fibre movement which works with regional textile production centers and traditional artisan communities to create culturally, socially and environmentally sustainable practices.

Atsushi Futatsuya
Atsushi Futatsuya is a Sashiko artisan and story-teller. His expertise in Sashiko comes from his mother, Keiko Futatsuya’s, a great Sashiko talent. Atsushi was born in a Sashiko family in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Since his childhood, he has practiced Sashiko with Sashiko artisans, including Keiko.
In 2015, Keiko started Sashi.Co to share the beauty of Sashiko and the process of ordinary Sashiko. Inspired by his mother, Atsushi started sharing his techniques and stories of Sashiko through Upcycle Stitches.
Atsushi focuses on the importance of tradition and process. His work not only communicates the beauty of hand stitching, but it also reminds us of a more spiritual relationship with cloth and how, through Sashiko, you communicate to the fabric while stitching.

Thomas Murray
Thomas Murray is an independent researcher, collector, lecturer and private dealer of Asian and Tribal art. A HALI magazine contributing editor with more than 50 publications, his recent book, “Textiles of Japan” was met with critical acclaim. Thomas Murray is Past President of ATADA, The Antique Tribal Art Dealers Association and served a three-year term as a member of President Obama's Cultural Property Advisory Committee at the State Department.

Rhonda Brown
Rhonda Brown has serves as co-curator and editorial director of browngrotta arts. For more than 30 years, browngrotta arts has been advancing the field of contemporary fibre arts by curating and exhibiting renowned contemporary artists who celebrate the exploration of fibre art techniques and the unique possibilities of fibrous materials. browngrotta arts has published 50 art catalogs. Rhonda’s writing on textile arts has appeared in several exhibition catalogs and selvedge; Fiberarts; NBO Quarterly Review; Surface Design Journal and Weston magazine.

The Virtual Talk will be hosted on Zoom (please email customerservice@selvedge.org if you haven't received the Zoom link by two hours before the talk begins). A recording of the event will be available to ticket holders after the event.

Costs: €29.00 EUR

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